When to book venue/registrar...?


I've recently goit engaged (yay!) but already I'm feeling a bit confused.

We are planning on having a fairly small civil ceremony, not sure yet whether at the register office or a licensed place. What I don't understand is how people book venues years in advance but can only book a registrar 12 months in advance. What are thenchances of putting a deposit on a place for the ceremony/reception and then not being able to book aregistrar to actually marry us?

We're not planning on getting married until winter 2010 and it seems so far away but I've no idea when we can/should think about booking stuff...

Any advice?


  • hi, if you book a venue then you need to book it asap as they book up well in advance because they have to get the regestra in advance, but there is always a registra at the local office. if you get me.
  • Do you mean if I book a venue they organise a registrar for me? I thought I'd have to do it...

    What about if I just want to book a venue for a reception and have the ceremony at the registry office?

    Is there any way to guarantee I'll be able to book both for the same day when I can't book the reigstry office for another year yet?!
  • the venue we book deal with it all. so saves us having to get it all sortted.When looking around venues always take a list of questions with you.
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    You need to book your venue for the reception etc as soon as possible, because its surprising how quickly they get booked up.

    As for having your ceremony at the registry office, where we live you can actually book the date more than a year in advance. Check out if thats the same for you and get it done to save any disappointment. Our wedding is still just over a year away but we booked the registrar about 6 months ago - you can put your name down for the date & time to ensure you have the registrar, but you cant actually give Notice until a year or less before the wedding. Hope that makes sense.

    We had to sort the registrar ourselves, the venue didnt do it for us xxxx
  • You need to start looking around at venues asap. We're getting married Aug 2010 and started looking at venues in July and booked ours in Aug.

    I think the booking of the registrar is different everywhere. We're having a civil ceremony and we can provisionaly book the date from Dec(thats when my local office open their diary for 2010) but can only 'book' them 1yr before the date. Best thing to do is ring your local registry office and ask them.

    Good luck in finding your venue and congrats on your engagement :\)
  • Congratulations on engagement

    We're getting married september 2010, you can book registrar now, we have and paid deposit for them. You can book 2 yr in advance coz she said she had a few in for sept 2010 so just give them a ring.x hope this helps.x
  • We are getting married 18/12/2010.

    We booked our venue and they contacted the registry office who pencilled us in for our date & time.

    The lady from reg office rang me yesterday to confirm this and said that althoughh we couldn't officially book it until 18/12/2009 the date & time were ours. As long as we contact them to confirm it a yr before.

    Hope this helps x
  • Congratulations!

    We provisionally booked our venue then I called the registra to check if they had the date, I paid £20 to keep the date and 1 year before I have to give them notice of the wedding so that will be this April, we then paid the deposit for the venue..

    Hope that helps...

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    As the others have said, once you have found your venue and booked the date, you contact the local registry office and they will pencil in the date for you. The booking 1 year before is actually when you need to give notice to get married this can be done between 1 year and 3 weeks before, but this is at the local registra office to where you live, if different to the venue registra. It's the legal requirements of a civil ceremony and cost £30 each, and you have a meeting where they ask you some questions together and seperately, it only take approx 20 mins x
  • That all seems to be a bit clearer now! Thanks.

    I'll give our local registry office a call and see what their rules are... Now to get started! Hooray!!
  • I booked my venue in April this year for September 2010 and having a civil ceremony, like you I was a little confused about the registrar bookings. I phoned my local registra and have booked a provisional date and was told that someone else had already booked the time that I wanted, however they said they would have more than 1 member of staff available and booked me in the diary provisionally.

    You can always ring them and ask what the proceedure is.

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