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Hi Everyone! Newbie here!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say hi to evrybody and hope all had a good Christmas!

I'm new to the site - got engaged on Christmas Day! Now to start planning i h2b and i have been thinking about this for a little while now and would like to get married at the end of August 2009 - is this being completely unrealistic or can it be achieved?? It's become so stressful already now we've announced the engagement because we've got eveyone saying what we should do for the big day and although we'd love to keep everyone happy and have the big wedding and reception, we just know that its not really an option due to a number of things (family tensions/where we live/moneyetc etc), plus, we're not really into the idea of a big thing in the first place - something scaled back and simple would be ideal. Is anybody else having the same problems with this??

would love to hear from you all!



  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Hey BerryPie!

    Welcome to the site! You will find loads of helpful adivce and believe me, any question you ask will be answered - there is always someone with handy advice!

    I think August 09 is achievable as a wedding date but you need to make sure that you are organised and that you prioritise things - venue / church & dress first.

    As you are getting wed in August it may also be a good idea to send "Save The Date" reminders once you have chosen a date and venue so that people can avoid booking summer holidays and missing out on your BIG day! image

    I think, as for making people happy, it's a tricky one, Weddings can bring out the worst in people. There has to be some compromise but don't let people dictate to you how your day should be - it's about you and your other half after all!

    Best of luck with everything!

    STBAM x x x
  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    welcome - i have to agree, everything is possible just depends on your requirements (ie venues dates etc).

    Everyone always tries to tell you what to have - i have told everyone it is our wedding and we will be doing what we want but there ideas are always welcome image (just incase they come up with something great ha ha) x
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