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Venues in and around Birmingham


Can you please help me. My friend is currently looking for a venue for their wedding. They want to get married there and have the reception, a stately home or somewhere a bit different, if poss rooms for guests to stay.

I got married at the Botanical gardens and had always wanted to so we didn't really look at different venues so I'm not being much help.

Kirsty x

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  • AmeyukAmeyuk Posts: 8
    Depending on your budget Swinfen Hall just into staffordshire is totally amazing

    I'm looking for a smaller less expensive venue in similar area if anyone has ideas?

  • brumgirlbrumgirl Posts: 153
    Try the following

    Highbury Hall (no accommodation but really beautiful Victorian house- this is where I'm getting married!

    Grafton Manor

    Horton Grange at Birmingham University


    Berrow Court

    Hillscourt Conference Centre

    (these were the ones i thought about anyway)

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  • banqueting suit at birmingham council house next tpo town hall stunning
  • JoSkippJoSkipp Posts: 59
    Ettington Park Hotel, just outside Stratford upon Avon
  • The City Inn at Brindley Place do both Ceremony and reception and is a nice, modern venue in the heart of Birmingham. It is not known so well for weddings but we went and had a chat with one of their co-ordinators and it was great. At the moment, it's in our top 3 shortlist.

    Watch this space! image
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