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LITTLE SISTERS WEDDIGN HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

My sister Hayley is 23 with two small boys and is getting married this July there on a budget and trying to cut costs as and where we can.

So if anyone has any tips please can you email me or leave a message on here thanks.

Hayley's wedding colours are, Royal Blue, Silver & White . Her flowers are roses and orchids (think that's how you spell it ) so she wants roses as decoration if you no what I mean.

So far she has bought her wedding dress, bridemaid dresses, Mens & Page Boys Suits, Flowers and cake. So most of her budget is gone as you can imagine.

Hayley's having trouble with finding invitations that wont cost the earth any ideas????

If anybody is selling / giving away anything that will match her colours please could you email or leave a message she would really appreciate it! image))

Thanks for taking the time to read my message xxx


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