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Getting married near Bristol venue advice

Hi there all

I just wondered if anyone had experience of Chewton Place in Keynsham or Avon Gorge Hotel. I would love to hear any thoughts that you have as I am struggling with wedding venue indecision!!

Love Cat:\?


  • bagwashbagwash Posts: 343
    I've stayed in the Avon Gorge Hotel on business.

    I thought it was a nice enough hotel, but parking was an absolute nightmare. Very small 'car park' on a very steep hill that was a severe challenge for me when recovering from a broken foot. Apart from that you have to drive round the streets for ages competing with the local residents and then have to try and remember where you parked if you eventually find a space.

    I also thought it looked like it needed a bit of a refurbishment. I didn't see any function suites, only the bar, a slightly posher restaurant and the terrace, which is huge and I think they had a big gazebo out there for a function one of the times I stayed there.

    I don't know how far away it is from where you are but have you tried the Cadbury House Hotel at Congresbury? It's very modern and luxurious. It seems to have plenty of rooms you can hire for events and there was a wedding there one of the times I stayed. Unfortunately I had to check out before I could see the bride or any of the guests all dolled up. I've stayed there several times and always found the staff to be friendly and helpful.

    I don't know what your budget is, but it might be quite expensive. The room rates were similar to the Avon Gorge so function prices might be similar.
  • GG011GG011 Posts: 2,208
    Went to a christmas do at the Avon Gorge, nice hotel...agree with the parking nightmare, food was ok but not great.

    Was a while ago so may have changed since!! also was a work xmas do so i doubt as much work went into it as a wedding!

    You looking at anywhere else? we're not far from Keynsham but never been to Chewton place sorry.

    We're getting married at the hinton grange (not far from keynsham)

    When are you getting married?
  • Hi

    Thank you for your help. I am worried about the parking at Avon Gorge as well, also they hold more than one wedding at a time which would not be ideal, I guess in my selfish mind of wanted to be the only bride!!!! I also get the impression that some hotel reviews say it is a bit 'tired' also.

    We do have a provisional date held at Chewton for Sept 11th 09 which I am some what nervous about but cannot be too picky at this late stage about dates. I will check out Cadbury Hotel but it may be a bit modern for us. I have not heard of Hinton Grange but will have a look at that also. When are you guys getting married?
  • spunfaerieukspunfaerieuk Posts: 1,347
    I had looked at the Avon Gorge Hotel when I was planning my wedding and I agree that it did look very 'tired' and it wasn't particularly clean... my Mom said behind the bar looked all grungy and there were stains on the walls in the dining areas.

    I ended up getting married at The Beeches in Brislington. It was amazing, they were so helpful and all our guests were complimentary about the staff. There is ample free parking on site for all the guests and it's 'exclusive use'. We got married on a Sunday which bumped the price down a bit too.
  • MrsHobbesMrsHobbes Posts: 1,762
    Some friends of mine looked at Chewton Place for their wedding and they really liked it. The b2b's parents had recommended it and I hear the food is lovely.

    Tortworth Court is nice, but is the other side of Bristol. Well worth a look. Do you live in the area? I'm near-ish to Keynsham, near Midsomer Norton.
  • Have you tried Priston Mill?
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    Some friends of ours our getting married in November at Chewton Place and they said that it is lovley and the food is really good.

  • bagwashbagwash Posts: 343
    "Tired" - yes that's a good description of the Avon Gorge.

    Also, I know there's a big fuss made about the bridge and they charge you extra for a room with a view of the Gorge but the couple of times I was there the water was really low and the 'view' of the gorge was just a view of a lot of mud. I wasn't impressed.

    The only other big hotel I've stayed at in the Bristol area was the Redwood Hotel & Country Club and it seemed every bit as tired as the Avon Gorge. There was tons of parking though ;\)
  • Hi there

    Just booked Chewton Place today for Sept 18th 09!!! We went to try the food there last night and it was fantastic.

    Thank you for all your help guys. I am still shaking from making the booking! I guess it is all really going to happen now, before today it all seemed a bit surreal. Now I guess is the big panic about all the other elements. Here comes the wedding madness!!

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