Romantica - Shania wedding dress - which bm dress would go?

Help! I have chosen the Romantica Shania dress for me and am now looking for a bm dress. There doesn't seem to be one which goes from Romantica, what has anyone else chosen?

I am looking at Jim Hejlm dresses which are lovely but need some more inspiration as there aren't many shops in Scotland which stock that range.

As a rough guide we are looking for a cranberry or burgundy colour halter neck style around about knee length (not too specific then lol).

Any suggestions? Shoe ideas would be very welcome as well.

Thanks ladies!


  • Have you looked at They do absolutely loads of dresses. You can search by length and neckline, and all their dresses come in millions of colours. I love 6554 especially.
  • WheesieWheesie Posts: 846
    I got my BM's dresses from Alfred Angelo, lots and lots of styles and they all come in different colours.
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