Where to start!!!!

Hi Ladies....

I've been registered on this site for a couple of weeks now but only got engaged this friday just gone.

Me and my partner have been together for nearly 5 years and always talked about getting married. we were engaged about 3 years ago but it wasn't done properly and we went through a really bad patch and decided to call it off!

anyway everything is perfect now and we've just got back from a lovely break in Scotland where he proposed on the shores of Loch Lomond with a beautiful white gold diamond ring!!!!!!!! i am so happy and so excited and i have already set a date, 07.08.2010.

i need some advice now ladies, i don't live in the same district as the registry office we want to get married but i've read somewhere that thats ok, is that right and what do we need to do?

Also have any of u lovely ladies got married in knowsley registry office? thats where i want to get married as they have a gorgeous gazebo and lawn outside. does anybody know what its like?image


  • That's fine, we had to book in with the registry office where we wanted to get married and they sent us all the confirmation details as they'll be the ones marrying you. They then give you dates e.g. between the 1st January and 30th April to go and give your notice of marriage which is the legal stuff at your local registry office which we had to attend together. It's best to get it all booked up as soon as possible. We booked in Feb 08 for Sept 09 and the registry office only had 1 time slot left. Good luck
  • Hi Emma

    Thanks for your reply.

    i hope the place i want isn't already booked for my time and date and i hope i can book it now rather than have to wait!!!!!

    where are u getting married????
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