The Inn on the Lake - Ullswater

Hey girls,

Sorry if this is the wrong forum - I am still finding my feet.

Since my partner proposed at Lake Ullswater, we are hoping to have our wedding there, We have set our hearts on The Inn on the Lake and have booked to go in a couple of weeks. We are really hoping it lives up to the brochure because it just feels like the right place before we have gone there - I hope we aren't dissapointed.

Has anyone been or getting married there??



  • Hi LilMissHappy,

    I haven't been there, but love the lakes. Really wanted to get married there myself. But decided against it, due to the distance some people would have to travel. However, we are going there for our honeymoon.

    Sorry can't be of any help, but hope you have a fantastic day, where ever you decide upon.

  • Hey There,

    Have a look on this thread, think theres a few Inn on The Lake brides on there:

  • Theres another Cumbrian Brides thread aswell:

    Don't think theres many of us! x
  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138

    My friend got married there and they had the old paddle steamer boat on the lake as well and she had a wonderful day, !! xx
  • I spent Christmas there a few years back and the hotel was lovely. We were all set to get married there, the management might have changed as it was 6+ years ago but we ended up not booking with them as they were too be honest somewhat rude and useless. As shazza's friend for married there she probably knows more than me, In terms of venue and location, it was fab. There is also a really wide range of accomdation in the local area that caters for all budgets too.

    Things have probably changed since, hope the meeting with them goes well image
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    I got married there in June 08!

    I know it's a cliche but it really was the best day of our lives!!!!

    The hotel were amazing. Not only is it one of the most beautiful views, the service is second to none and the food is delicious.

    It ticked all the boxes for us....we wanted a church wedding and was able to get married in the teeny tiny catholic chapel across the road and then held the reception at the Inn on the Lake.

    I could fulfil my dream of just leisurely strolling across to church to get married (still is a dream as it was a mad dash!!!)

    If you want to ask me any questions feel free to email me- think the button is enable....and if you're really bored you can read my report (!)

    Also, if I can be any help with suppliers feel free to ask away

    Best of Luck xxxx
  • Ohhh thank you so much all - I really feel excited now.

    I think we would get married there to be honest - unless there are any CofE churches near by. As soon as we have it booked I will be right on here asking you for advice Missymoo!!!

    PS. Loving the profile pic as a fellow SATC fan!
  • MrsM2BMrsM2B Posts: 1,040
    he he!

    LOVE satc!

    There is Cof E church in the next village in Patterdale I think...good luck x
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