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Cat flaps in double glazing

Anyone had a cat flap fitted into a double glazed glass panel? If so, about how much did it cost, and can you recommend anyone in the Basingstoke/Newbury area? Do they replace the whole pane of glass, or can they fit the cat flap directly into the existing pane?


  • oh oh - good question! I wanna know too except for a totally different area of the country!
  • I have honestly never thought about it.... our cats are too damned lazy to go out. We left the door open for them for about an hour this morning and they kept going out and coming straight back in again complaining about the weather...

    bloody pathetic!

    You've got me wondering now though.... I can't see how they'd do it in glass


    Mrs P

  • Hello, it is possible to get double glazed units or flat panel with a cat flap. You will need a whole new unit though, if you cut into the glass the gas in the unit will be blown and it will go cloudy. As all double glazing is different is best to try initially the people who supplied the door.
  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    Hello! I had a cat flap fitted in our double glazed french doors. Now, i'm trying to remember what they did!!! I bought the Cat Mate one especially for glass which cost about £17. I just contacted a glazier through Yellow Pages. They came and measured up the glass panel and took the catflap away then they came back about a week later and fitted the new panel. Our panel was about 60cm squared. I think it cost around £100 all in, vat etc. (I can check that). But bear in mind i'm in London which means they probably quadrupled the normal cost! image

  • We had a cat flap fitted in double glazing, we phone a local company in Plymouth and they come and looked at the glass as we have patterned glass, measure up and it cost about £60.00. A few days later they come back with the new glass with the cat flap fitted.
  • Thanks everyone. That's a lot cheaper than I anticipated, I'll definitely look into it now (was thinking it'd be a few hundred squids so would have to wait til after the wedding, along with redecorating the lounge and replacing all the clothes in my wardrobe, which I've had since I was about 16 and still wear....)

    My cats whinge about bad weather too - they've been indoor cats all their life because they used to be bred, but whenever we open the pation doors to put the compost out they shoot out (only to shoot back in again if it's anything other than sunny). They were HILARIOUS on that snow day we had a few weeks back - one slipped over on her arse and spent the rest of the day sulking in the shower (her favourite place to sit).
  • We got Hermitage Glass & Diamond Windows to fit ours - they're based on the Hambridge Road estate in Newbury and were very good. I'd def give these guys a call as they did a brilliant job and were the cheapest we could find in the area.

    Our back-door is double-glazed and is 100% glass with some plastic strips stuck-on to give the effect of lots of smaller panes and it cost us about £160 which included the price of the flap. That was 3-4 years ago though, so the price may have gone up. What made it expensive is that the flap had to be fitted to the glass first and then the glass is installed into the door which meant that we had to buy two door-sized panes of glass.

    We now have four cats so the cost of installing the flap has been far outweighed by the saving we've made on cattery costs - when we go away we just leave a bowl of cat biscuits on a timer & get a neighbour to pop-in every couple of days to top it up & give the moggies a bit of fuss.

    Kate x
  • Thanks Mrs Robinson! V useful info - I drive past that estate every day.
  • laura697laura697 Posts: 313
    Oh - we had a nightmare with this!

    We got the double glazing firm round, told them what we wanted and they said - no problem! It then took them 3 months. They were being total idiots! We have french windows and then a small window on one side. In stead of fitting cat flap to the small window they decided to put it into a french window - but cos the windows were so big they had to put the flat about 3 feet off the ground! They then rang and said - erm - we not sure your cats can reach it!!!!

    We made them come back - showed them again what we wanted! Light went on and they managed to do it in 2 weeks!!!

    It cost loads - think it was £200 or something and that was after they gave us a discount for messing about.

    Cats are now so lazy that they will only use cat flap if we aren't there to let them in and out!

    So - just be very very clear what you want!!!!

  • To have a Cat flap installed into a Double Glazed unit you would normally be looking at

    £280 this includes the glass, Sureflap microchip cat flap and adaptet


    There are also different types of cat flaps and can also be installed into upvc panels as well as glass



    Happy to offer free advice if required

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    Since this post is from 11 years, I imagine they have it sorted by now.

  • MrsCToBee wrote (see post):

    Since this post is from 11 years, I imagine they have it sorted by now.

    Poor cat has been meowing to be let out since 2007

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    Busting for a pee here..... 

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    Julia101 wrote (see post):


    Busting for a pee here..... 

    Hahahaha poor cat not going for a wee for 11 years!!!

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