Scottish wedding bands

Hi Girls,

Here is a list of the various wedding bands I found on the net during my search (I'm sure there are plenty more). I'll put additional info if I have it like number or members, Male or female lead (M/F) and live if they are a full band ie with drums etc and don't rely on backing tracks.

Most of the bands have their own websites to save you relying on using an agent if you really have to.

Soul Inferno (6) Live - I've booked them after hearing them at show case, though hadn't even considered until I saw and heard them live.- They are playing in O'Niells Merchant City, Friday May 8th, check them out, you'll be suprised, nothing like what you'd think.

Monaco - - (3), (M), guitars and backing tracks, swift reposnse to emails.

Deville - - (2) (M) guitars and backing tracks (BT are created in studio by the guys so it still gives live band sound), swift response to emails.

Ernest - - (3) (M) Live, swift response (were booked for my date boo hoo)

Aurora- (4) (M) swift reponse, (were booked on my date also)

Slinky - (4) (M) (Live) Through Hireaband, were booked on my date - sounded brilliant at show case.

Fudge Machine (M) - booked on our date, took a while to respond to email


Jenni Gibb (F)

The Versions (5)

Wild Card (4)

21 Red (4)

Masquerade (4) (M)

Sound Advice (3)

Ashley & Co (F)

Beep The Jeep

Billy McIsaac Band

Boogie Hook (6)

Cafe Royal Live

Coast - booked on my date

Copy Cats (F)


Cosmo Cousins (F)


Dezine (3)

Eclipse (3)




In Soul (6) (F)

Life and Soul (5) (F)

Live Unlimited

Madison Function Band
. can provide DJ set

Mixed Emotion
swift reposnse to emails, can provide good links

Mooks (F)


My Wedding Band


Northern Star

Pulse -booked on my date

Real Easy (5)

Roadhouse band (5)

Soul Train Booked on my date

The Riffreshers

The Sly Dogs

The Works

U know hoo

Sound Cradle (4)

Replay (5) (F)


Scoobysnax http://www.sccobysnaxband.c.ouk (2) (M)

Blue Mango 3

Sorry I don't have web addresses or info on band sizes etc for them all, but best to try and deal with band direct, as agencies either take a cut from the band or charge you a higher price than the band themselves, though in some cases bands are only available through agency.

Agencies: Hireaband, The Magic Agency

From Monaco to Slinky were the bands we were seriously considering, we wanted non cheesy and modern tunes. All of these bands I personally think are amazing, Ernest especially.

We went to a show case to see some bands and would never have considered booking Soul Inferno until we heard them live, plus we thought they'd be too big being a 6 peice band, but 2 memebers play brass, and take up no room at all. They are based in Edinburgh but will travel (our venue is in Renfrewshire) Please make sure you hear bands live before you book them, you'd be surprised how different they sound compared to online. As I said above the band I booked are playing a gig in O'Neills this Friday so you could check them out.

P.S. My date is Sat 7th August 2010 so if by chance your date is the same then you'll know which ones are already booked.

Google questions you should ask a band before booking to make sure everything is covered, like are they insured, how long do they take to set up, how long will they play for, how long a break will they take, what if one of them takes ill before your day etc etc.

Hope the above saves you time searching.

Have fun.


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  • kazza02kazza02 Posts: 59

    I also booked Soul Inferno for my wedding on 10th Sept 2010 after hearing them at a showcase. I didn't like how they sounded online but loved them when I heard them live!!!!!!

  • jacqhunterjacqhunter Posts: 68
    Hi Kazz02, yeah think it was prob same showcae (EK hotel 22nd April), I was really only going along to hear Deville, but were so surprised by Soul Inferno and preferred the idea of a full live band. We loved Slinky too but knew they were already booked on our date. Are you going along to hear Soul Inferno on Friday do a full set?

  • nikibaby84nikibaby84 Posts: 1,320
    Deville are amazing, really lovely guys...we WANTED them sooo bad, but we got a better offer from a friend of my uncles (hes also in the industry but obv wouldnt be able to do my wedding) and my aunt and uncle got him at a good price so they are paying for the band!

    But Deville we are hiring for my brothers 18th hopefully!!



  • kazza02kazza02 Posts: 59
    Hi Italy here I come and Nickibaby,

    Yes that was the same showcase I was at, was really busy!

    We hadn't went to hear anyone inparticular(although, we did like Soul Train online who weren't at the showcase), we wanted a band but wasn't sure if we were going to spend the money on it or just save and get a dj. When I seen Soul Inferno, I realised it was the same band we had listened to online and didn't like but when they sang they were great!! My h2b just went out and booked them!

    We liked Deville as they played our kind of music but my h2b didn't think it was wedding material. We also liked the fact that if we payed another couple of £100 we got a full band!

    This is the 1st time I have heard they are playing on Fri, think I will try get a babysitter and go along. Do you know what time they are on at?

  • jacqhunterjacqhunter Posts: 68
    Hi Kazza, you sound just like me, I wrote them off when I checked them out online, and I was sure I wanted a band like Deville that did loads more "cool" covers like Sterephonics, KOL, Snow Patrol etc, but like you thought that for bit extra was great to get a full live band. My other half said he'd have rather went for a DJ than band with backing tracks.

    I spoke to the band at the showcase and he told us they were playing there on Friday, I assumed they were going to be the entertainment for the night. I'm working away this week and dont arrive at airport till just after 9pm so my other half is picking me up and we're going straight there. I'd assume their on for most of the night. If you contact them throught their site I'm sure they'll confirm exact time.

    I can't wait.


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  • kazza02kazza02 Posts: 59
    hi Italyhereicome.

    I have looked on their website and noticed that they play there quite a lot so if I miss it this time, I can always go to the next time!

    I emailed them to find out the time they are playing so will let you know!

    My other half said the exact same about the backing tracks! lol

    Whereabouts are you getting married?

  • does anyone know if these bands will play till 1am or if they have a dj package that would cover that, my biggest problem is finding entertainment that will go on till 1am!!!
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    we are paying a bit extra to have Ernest play till 1am.
  • unfortunately they're booked on our date
  • kazza02kazza02 Posts: 59
    does anyone know if these bands will play till 1am or if they have a dj package that would cover that, my biggest problem is finding entertainment that will go on till 1am!!!

    When I asked if Soul Inferno could play later they said that they could arrange to start a little later or take a longer break inbetween so that the time they played for was the same.

    When we asked the bands agency, they said things like that is up to the band so I guess if you asked the band, they will tell you what they would prefer to do.
  • kazza02kazza02 Posts: 59
    Righ, got a reply saying they usually come on about 9 so just have to find a baby sitter now!!!!
  • lady--g--lady--g-- Posts: 236

    Can i add the band im having?

    They are called No Shame and they have a website -

    The website doesnt really do them justice though! I think they are great, my h2b is very particular when it comes to bands and he really likes them!

    there 5 in the band and they are a full band (they dont use backing tracks) if you contact them (from thier website) they will tell tell you when/where there nearest wedding is and you can go along and listen to them.

    For us they are £800 and this is for 2010.

    hope this helps.

  • jacqhunterjacqhunter Posts: 68
    Hi Kazza,

    Thanks for updating on when the band is playing, think I land on Friday night just after 9pm, so if I head straight into town hopefullly I'll still catch most of their set. Should be a good night.

    I've still not signed contract with my venue till they confirm a few details (even though we're def going to have it there), so will reveal all once its super offical. How exciting.

    Did you get a babysitter, or are you going to try and hear them again another time?

    Keep the band names coming, maybe we'll get a full list eventually of all the good bands to choose from, saves everyone from googling blindly, like I did.

  • kazza02kazza02 Posts: 59
    Hi ItalyhereIcome,

    We are going out on Sat so checked when they are playing next there and it's the 10th July. This is my h2b birthday so just going to make a night of it and get together with a few friends then and go listen to them.

    You can let me know how they are on Friday! You sound like you will ne rushing about!!! Where are you coming from?

  • kazza02kazza02 Posts: 59
    Did you get to the gig ItalyhereIcome? How was the full set?
  • jacqhunterjacqhunter Posts: 68
    Hey Kazza,

    Sorry didnt reply eariler, was working in office till about 9pm each night all week.

    Wasn't working anywhere exciting last week, just in Isle Of Man.

    We got there bout 9.50 on Friday and they took a break about 10.30 and we left then as I wanted an early night after a long week.

    They did KOL Somebody, Dolly Parton 9-5 again. Mustang Sally, Play that Funky Music, and a whole bunch of other tracks I cant remember sorry, but typical wedding party tracks, plenty of people singing and dancing along the whole time. The girl has got an amazing voice and I love the fact that they have the sax and to compliment so many tunes.

    My only worry is that we love really modern tunes (Kylie, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and all that jazz) and a band really can't provide that. My other half still likes the idea of the last hour being a DJ set wilth all our fave tracks. Not sure if this is really an option though!

    What do you think?

  • fifeywifeyfifeywifey Posts: 706
    Italy here we come we have the same wedding date, Im having Seattle wedding band.

  • lettypoplettypop Posts: 712
    Any suggestions for a dj?
  • jacqhunterjacqhunter Posts: 68
    Hey Fifeywifey, my wedding date twin!! I'm guessing by your log in name you're in Fife, and at least we won't be competing for the same suppliers ha ha!! Hope you're plans are all going well!!

    Lettypop, where abouts are you? More likely to get a response that suits if everyone knows where your reception will be.

  • lettypoplettypop Posts: 712
    I'm getting married in rutherglen, just outside glasgow

  • brideeirebrideeire Posts: 51
    I got list of bands from

    and when I e-mailed to check availability and prices, got widely differing quotes: £250 to £1300 - you mention the word Wedding and it gets crazy!!

    Make sure you go and hear a band though as a word of advice so you know exactly the sound you are having on the day! Good Luck!!
  • donmadonma Posts: 5
    Thanks for that site, was really useful to a Glasgow Girl just starting out on the Wedding Planning minefield!!
  • Hi - I notice there was no link to Wildcard wedding band - Scotland in the original post, so here it is.

    Also I'd like suggest a few more:

    Scottish wedding band - Seattle

    Edinburgh wedding band - The Saturns

    Glasgow wedding band - Franco

    Edinburgh wedding band - The Strides

    Edinburgh ceilidh band - CeilidhDonia

    You can see all these bands at regular wedding band showcases at

    Ill try to post a few more direct links to the bands you mentioned - I hope this helps! 8)
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