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Any b2b out there from Northamptonshire?

Thought I would add a post to see if there are any lovely ladies from this part of the country. Thought it would be nice to share experience and general info.

A little bit about myself and my h2b. We are both 29 and have been together fo 12 years. We have nothing confirmed yet but are looking at booking Towcester racecourse for August 2011. I am definately still over excited and desoerate to set a date. image

Looking forward to hearing from other people in and around this area.image

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  • hey, i know that i probably dont count...but i did live in daventry for 18 years! lol... i now live in huntingdon, and am getting married in scotland, but thought i would say hi! xx
  • Hi

    I live in Corby and Im also getting married in August 2011 we are going to Mexico though

    Ok heres some about me then.

    My name is Rachel Im 36 and we've been together 5 years. Dave is the love of my life and my best mate too. He surprised me with a birthday trip to Paris and proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower - total shock - I replied 'are you taking the piss' I was sooo shocked, followed quickly by loads of tears and a very excited YES!!!!!

    Nice to meet fellow Northants brides

    Keep in touch with all your updates etc

    Rach xxx
  • tarakitaraki Posts: 12
    Hi Northants brides,

    Im Tara and I live near Towcester, we get married on 12th Nov 2010 which seems ages away!!! We are actually getting married at Ettington Park in Stratford apon avon.

    Got engaged bou 2 months ago and only done venue planning so far, although did pop out this morning and get some bits to start making save the date cards and invites!!

    Very Excited

    Tara xx
  • MrsfromwalesMrsfromwales Posts: 1,726
    hi all i am from northamptonshire!

    i live just near kettering.

    we are getting married 14th jan 2010 at dodmoor house, near weedon.

    im soooooo excited!

    cant wait!

    its nice to know there are some other northants brides on here - i thought i was the only one for a little while!

    smartarse x

    mrssharkey 2b - i work in corby!

  • Hi Smartarse

    Where abouts do you live and where do you work?

    I also work in Corby for Weldon plant limited as the receptionist.

    Im originally from Lancashire but have been here for 15 years now.

    Its nice to know there are local people on here isnt it
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm from Northampton and got married on 3rd July this year at Rushton Hall. Just to let you know I have done a post on the "I got married in July 2009" strand regarding Smedley Creations in Desborough. We used her for chair covers and she has gone bust and kept our £100 damage deposit. I hope none of you were booked with her. Anyway, just thought I wud let u local girlies know,

    Smartarse - Dodmoor is gorgeous, we looked there. I hope you all have a fab day. If I can help with any local suppliers let me know.
  • Hi all,

    It's so nice to hear from other local b2b. Taraki I also live near Towcester, can understand why your getting married in Stratford-upon-Avon it's beautiful around there. Mrsstephens2b it doesn't matter that you no longer live around here it's still nice to hear from you.
  • Hi

    hi all i am from northamptonshire!

    i live just near kettering.

    we are getting married 14th jan 2010 at dodmoor house, near weedon.

    im soooooo excited!

    cant wait!

    its nice to know there are some other northants brides on here - i thought i was the only one for a little while!

    smartarse I think we have chatted on another forum about how much I love your venue. We're having about 80 for the day. Also h2b parents were not keen on having people sat up on the balcony away from the rest of the group, even though we had said that it would be a particular group of friends from uni who would be happy to be next to the bar and seperated from the family!

  • hey, well the long term plan is to move back...h2b family are all in huntingdon mine are all in dav when i can get another job i am going to move to northampton! yay! xx
  • I'm gettin married at Hothorpe Hall in Theddingworth which is near Mkt, Harborough. I live in Stowmarket now but lived in Northants for about 20 years and my parents are still there so we decided it made more sense to get married near them!!

    I know a few people who have got married recently around Northants. I was so tempted to look at Fawsley Hall .......... until i saw the mad prices lol!! I've dfound my perfect dress and can't wait to wear it!! x

  • hi ladies,

    i live in northampton but getting married in yorkshire (where i'm originally from), i'd be really grateful if anyone could recommend any dress shops in northampton? x
  • ooooo i went dress shopping in northampton i went to the bridal shop who were very helpful and then i went to elyse bridal- who were also fantastic....i found my dress at elyse...but i am yet to order it. xxx
  • I's not Northampton but shop for brides in Daventry were really friendly and honest with their opinion. My friend who got married earlier this year got her dress from Donna Salados (sp) in Northampton, she had to rearrange her date twice and they were fantastic in reorganising her orders.
  • I Live in Leicester but having the wedding breakfast at Sedgebrook hall - we are hiring it exclusively as i have a problem with members of the public walking around while there is a wedding going on. One requirement of my venue was to have lots of reasonable priced rooms for guests to stay over. I love Sedgebrook as beautiful grounds, has the old part where the drinks reception will be and then lots of bedrooms and only my wedding party will be around the place!!! Can't wait!

  • Just a bump as was wondering if there were any new brides out there.
  • Hi there Diddy_douglas. I live in a village in Northampton - We have been together 5yrs on Aoril fools day. Second time around for me and for him as we both came from bad first marriages. We get married on 26th June at Little Brington. I cant wait...2nd time around is definately better for me xx
  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    Iuse to live in northamptonshire. A tiny Village near Brackley, near buckingham and banbury.

    Anyone know the places. I lived in the village for 19 years before moving in with h2b in banbury and now we live in manchester.

  • ooppps sorry 26th June 2010
  • hi! im from rushden, northants, we are getting married in 2011 havnt got a date yet as we are still browsing venues! im glad there are local people here to chat to! xx
  • SEZJ...I live close to Sedgbrook Hall its a lovely Hotel..You are very lucky to get sole use of the Hotel for the day. Did you have to pay extra for them to do that for you. We did in fact look at Sedgbrook hall ourselves but ended up at Little brington nr Althorpe
  • Hi, nice to meet some more ladies from northamptonshire.

    suedavidson my parents live quiet close to Little Brington, it's lovely out that way.

    future.mrs.eady I'm also a 2011 bride. We decided against Towcester race course, have gone for Hellidon lakes instead.

    All loved up I know brackley and buckingham quiet well, have been to banbury a couple of times. Do you miss it?

    So how is everyones planning going?

  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    dont miss banbury, felt it was never my home but the village i am from Charlton near brackley i miss. A gorgeous little village with lots of fields, streams woods etc. Love going back in the summer and going for walks.

    Planning ok, think im track. Sorting out wedding insurance in jan, We get married in dec 2011 and cant get it till 2 years before. We are getting it so that it carries over for a week past our wedding. Just in case any probs with gifts etc

    How bout u xx
  • Have booked church, reception venue and photographer at the moment. Have done our insurance as well. I have also been brought my wedding shoes today by my moh as a surprise (did a post in GC). We are waiting till the begining of next year to do any more.

    I've heard of Charlton, not been there though. I live in a little village between Towcester and Weedon.
  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    I know towcester. Went swimming there alot when i was younger. Loved the wave machines there and slides there.

    Yep that tiny village that is linked to newbottle is where i grew up for 19 years. Funny when i lived there. I couldntt wait to get out now because i live in manchester. I love going back to my roots. So dark, peaceful. No traffic

    Weedon,. i know the name im sure of it.

    That was so kind of you MOH to do that. You have a friend for life there. xx
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