Colour Schemes, advice please on Purple?

Hello everyone. I got engaged about 10days ago and have started to think about colours. I was favouring pink but now im not sure. Im getting married in March 2011 so thinking mid-dark purple would be a nice colour. Does anyone have any advice or pictures of purple as a colour scheme?


  • Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting now the fun begins!

    I love cadbury purple! That may have something to do with loving the chocolate tho ha!

    I have seen brides that had purple with pinks and oranges, sounds odd but looked great, or go for classic purple and ivory? Try googling it and click on images! thats where i get lots of ideas from!!

    Good luck hun and have fun!

  • Great thanks. I was thinking purple and ivory. I tried a google search but it didnt help much and then I got distracted and found this forum! But, I didnt try google images so will give that a go now.

    Thank you so much xxx
  • No probs hun.

    I am having raspberry pink, and i think because it is such a bold colour that ivory would look the best, looks simple then and hopefully more timeless!! I think purple and ivory is lovely!! Good choice!! image xx
  • Oooohhhh yours sound lovely too!! When is your big day? Theres so much stuff to choose from, but as i have 18months im trying not to do everything all to soon otherwise i ll just be sat waiting for the date to come! xx
  • Hi Catherine, congratulations on your engagement! I remember when I first got engaged, I was so confused by colours and themes to begin with so what I did was create a scrap book. I bought bridal and house magazines and picked cheap ones up from car boot sales and ebay and everytime I saw something I liked I snipped it out and kept it. I did this for a while, just anything that jumps out...then after a month or so when I had enough stuff I sat down with h2b and we had a look our case a vintage tea party theme in pink and cream kept coming out and more piccies than others so that made up our mind.

    Try doing this and also look at venues as sometimes you may set your heart on a colour then choose a venue with mega colour clashes! we loved pink and one venue we saw was yellow...eeuurgh! good luck!
  • Thats great, thanks for that advice. Pink schemes and purple seem to be very popular. I thought about pink but then I thought deep purple may go with the time of year better. Hmmmmm. I think I will take up your advice and see what happens.

    Thank you xxx
  • Hi there!

    Congrats on your recent engagement!! I am also planning on having a purple theme and have been on the lookout for ideas and themes around this too! There is a really long thread starting from 2007 all about purple theme and over the years brides and brides2b have added loads of inspiration to it - i found it really useful!!! Here's the link:

    Hope it works!!! I'm sure you'll find plenty of ideas to get you started!!! ;\)

  • Congrats on your engagement!

    We are getting married in May 2010 and our colour theme is purple and ivory! Its gorgeous, the only issue I had was the flowers as we want all roses, but there is not a natural cadbury purple rose. Instead through we have gone ivory / cream with double purple listhianthus which really look like roses.

    Let me know if you need help on anything image)

  • Hi there!!

    You both 2 congrats on your engagement. Thank you sooooo much for the info, its all really helpful. I think I have def made my mind up Purple is the way forward!!!

    Thank you and good luck with all your planning

  • Here's another purple bride! I'm having deep purple. It's for an autumn wedding so I think it will be nice.

    I always envisaged getting married with a red colour scheme because it can be so striking, but red would totally clash with H2B's kilt so purple it is! I'm having thistles in my bouquet so that's where it's coming from too!
  • I'm not a purple bride but Spring Lilac is gorgeous shade of purple and smells divine.

  • Quoted:
    Oooohhhh yours sound lovely too!! When is your big day? Theres so much stuff to choose from, but as i have 18months im trying not to do everything all to soon otherwise i ll just be sat waiting for the date to come! xx

    Thank you! I am getting married may 29th so almist 8 months to go!! I got engaged at xmas so i remember it being about 17 months till the wedding and thinking the same that i didnt want to do too much too fast, but by the end of jan i had the venue booked, paid deposit on my dress and had bought the bms dresses!! haha!! Didn't me any harm!! Its great fun! Enjoy every minute of it!!xxx
  • Oh I will!! I think I will leave dress shopping til after xmas, although fighting the temptation to go! Ooohhh 8 months, that will go quickly. How exciting! xx
  • Congratulations!

    Anemone are fab for chocolate box purple, and are available and inexpensive in March!

    Also look at Lisanthus (Eustoma) in marachi blueVanda orchids in dark blue, and blue magic!

    Have fun

    The Flower Co
  • SazaJSazaJ Posts: 344

    We had purple/lilac as our colours....... If it helps here are a couple of pics. (If you would like to see some more send me an email and I'll direct you to our official pics)

  • Hi SazaJ,

    ur pictures look great! I just recently got engaged (eventually!) and love the thought of having purple bridesmaids dresses, its good to see an example! How did you find having the 6 bridesmaids? I am hoping to have 6 but was worried it would be too many?
  • SazaJSazaJ Posts: 344

    Having six bridesmaids was great as they kept me amused and laughing in the morning while I was waiting/getting ready. I'm glad I had a friend making all our dresses though as it would have been really expensive other wise! (Yes my friend did make all 6 BM dresses AND my dress - she also decorated our wedding cake, with purple flowers!)
  • Hey I'm getting married in Feb 2011. i was originally going for purple as i want a very scottish feel but have now switched to Midnight Blue and silver as it matches the colours in our reception venue. have seen some lovely purple dresses!
  • I am getting married in March 2010, my H2B and I decided on purple as well! We are having cadburys purple. I have ordered BM dresses from Alfred Angelo, the perfect colour - Eggplant. Another really nice purple they have is called grape, but it has a bit more red in it than the eggplant.

    I was struggling for flowers to match, but we have settled on gerberas now - they have so many shades. Our other colours are white and silver, so the flowers will be white and purple.

    It seems hard at first to find things to match right, but once you get looking there is loads out there in every colour!

    The way we finally chose was to go to a bridal shop and looked at AA dresses in a few different colours, we knew which one we liked straight away, now we have a sample, and it's


    Good luck!

  • And..I have just googled purple flowers and have seen pictures of purple lisanthus. I love them, adn think I might have changed my mind to

    Brides perogative!

  • MrsBiggs2bMrsBiggs2b Posts: 1,047
    I am having ivory with different shades of purple & have seen some beautiful things!

    Try for mood boards such as this to give you some ideas & examples of putting different colours together,

    they have a purple & pink themed board

    as well as purple with blue, purple with orange, purple with green, a cadburys dark purple & lavender.
  • I am getting married on Easter Saturday next year and am having a gorgeous spring green and purple. Sounds a bit vile, but when you think about purple flowers they all have green leaves, so it kind of makes sense!!!

  • wow! Mrs Biggs, what a great mood board!

    Auntie Dorris, I love your colour scheme, and viburnham is a lovely green to go with your purple ( lisianthus - mariachi blue, Tuip - purple prince, anemone jerusalem blue) inexpensive at Easter too!

    Good luck

    The Flower Co
  • Wow thanks everyone, there really is a lot to look at! I think lavendar and cadburys purple looks lovely. Thank you SazaJ for adding in your pictures, I will pop you an email and have a look at your official pics. The dresses look fab! I really didnt think there would be so many people loving purple! Its great. Thank you all so much.

    Mrs Biggs - I look the mood board, definitely helping!

  • VC2BukVC2Buk Posts: 239

    Congrats on your engagement - let the planning begin!!

    I LOVE purple but was quote consious that i didnt want to over do it on my wedding day - thought it might be a bit predictable bearing in mind that i currently have a purple bag, purse, jacket etc...

    So i've gone for light green bridesmaid dresses with purple in the flowers and decorations... see my aviator pic!

    I'm using this as a rough guide... hope it works..

  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046 Purple

    this flower blog is great for colour scheme ideas. They did a cadbury purple wedding recently too
  • Hiya, we've gone for cadburys purple and white. I originally wanted it with cream but the hotel linen is white and i'm not paying to hire extra.

    The main reason we chose this is because I love Iris flowers. We're having these with white roses.

    A lot of bridesmaid dresses are coming out in cadburys purple because its a new 'in' colour. Also having hydrangas for the centre pieces. x
  • Hi Catherine

    I'm not sure if you're still debating on your shades of purple but I got married last month and had deep Cadbury purple with combination of green and white calla lillies for flowers. I also used peacock feathers as a pivital part of our theme. Here's a few pics.

  • My flowers

  • Hi, im also getting married in March 2011. I am pleased that purple seems to be a good colour for spring. I was worried that people might think it was too dark. Im not known for my colour matching skills, but i was thinking of going down a cadbury purple and bright yellow route. Mainly because I love tulips and want them in my bouquet, and because im marrying a welshman I wanted daffodils in vases as centrepieces. Does dark pruple and bright yellow go?
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