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I'm trying to plan a wedding in Brighton on a fairly tight budget. I don't want a lot of fuss and am thinking a registry office wedding with a meal somewhere after for 35 people and then onto a venue for a party for about 150.

Anyone got any ideas or had first hand experience of getting married in Brighton. I'm against having it in a hotel and want it to be quite non traditional and laid back. For the party in the evening i would like to have somewhere that could be decorated myself.

Am planning for Sept 2010 if we can find the right places. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




  • Hi Emily!

    I was originally planning a brighton wedding so had a look at a lot of different venues- and we were looking at Sept 2010!

    The town hall in the middle of the lanes would be lovely for your ceremony and theres a nice restaurant on the seafront called Due South. Its actually in the arches under the prom and opens right up onto the beach so fab for photos. Its between the west pier and the actual pier so a perfect location. You could also hire the little tuk-tuk men to transport you from the register office to the restaurant! Fab!

    Maybe try the Hanbury Club too as that looks like a lovely venue if you want something a bit different!

    Good Luck with Planning!

  • ^^^ was goning to suggest the town hall in the lanes too! another cool thing u can for favours, which is what im doing, is having stick of rock as also having the tuk tuk, v reasonably priced too.start by going to wedding fairs, they have loads of local ideas.there was 1 at stanmer house y/day which was quite useful,erm i think there is a marry me wedding fair at a hotel on the seafront....cant remember which 1 though lol xxxx
  • The one on Sunday is at the Thistle, my OH and I will be going. We're planning a Brighton wedding for September 2011, so I've got plenty of time to think about it. We're planning on having ours in a hotel simply because we have family travelling from everywhere, but I did look up some reception only places. Hotel du vin on the seafront looks good, and somewhere like the golf club might allow you to decorate yourself.

    Has anyone actually seen the ceremony rooms at the town hall? Are they nice?

    Good luck!
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    We too are looking for a wedding venue in bton that's not traditional and laid back.

    We went to have a look at the Hanbury ballroom the other week as they are licensed for weddings too so we were looking at having the whole thing there. It has a stunning dome glass ceiling and is not traditional. The only reason we didn't go for it was because it was just a little too small for us but sounds just right for you. Definately worth a look I say.

    We are still no closer to finding a venue that isn't a hotel but is licensed for weddings image

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    Also, here is a link that lists all the places in Brighton licensed for weddings

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    I've just finished planning my wedding in brighton so may be able to help with some bits.

    Firstly, have you tried hangleton manor? I'm not sure how much they are now - we booked them when they had only just started out doing weddings, but they were fab. We held the whole day there (40 in the day, and 100 in the evening) and it was a realy bargain. Food is amazing too.

    Any other help, feel free to email image
  • Thanks everyone, Hangleton manor looks lovely. I will definitly be getting in touch with them.

    If you dont mind me asking how much was it for what you had?

    Also I was thinking about the hanbury ballrooms too. But thought it might be too expensive. Have a maximum budget for the whole wedding of £5000 ish.

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    Well as I mentioned, I had my wedding with them when they had only just started, so I know their costs have gone up now, but I doubt they've got up silly amounts. But if it helps, I did my wedding for a budget of less than 4K, including the honeymoon image

    Theres some piccys in my report if u want to look (see my other topics!)
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    Going abroad to get married in Apr 11 but hoping to have an evening reception at Stanmer House (if that is possible!) I live in Eastbourne but work in Brighton and think Brighton will be better for a reception venue!!
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    Stanmer house is gorgeous! And I LOVE the gardens. x
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    Just need to get a price now!!!! x
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    I think the prices are on their website - a warning - they are pretty pricey!
  • There are a couple of rooms at the town hall, the mayor's room is the nicer one I think - really pretty and good for a small wedding - I have been to one there and lots of people had to stand but it was still perfect as it felt intimate - and everyone stops to watch you coming out... the stairs are beautiful for photos - but cars dont seem to be able to pull up outside at the moment so that is worth checking... the tuk-tuks are really cool, but I would suggest more for the groom and his best man as if it's raining your dress could get ruined.

    The Hanbury Ballroom is brilliant and unusual but feels really dark in the daytime so I wouldnt recommend it - plus the toilets are tiny if you have big dress.

    The Old Market Hall in Hove is a lovely venue - I had it picked out for mine...and then a friend had theirs there! Gutted! But I think it may too pricey for your budget....? Check it out as I think it is the best venue in Brighton by far - you can have your own caterers and dcorate it any way you like. They have a licence til about 1am I think. Only downside is parking but you could lay on a Brighton and Hove bus from town hall to reception - they do bookings and it's fun!

    Hotel Du Vin is absolutely amazing for your wedding night - you can get a room with twin bath tubs that looks out over the seafront - gorgeous choice if you can get som help payng for it! Also if you stay there the night before they do a great breakfast on a lovely patio for you - and you are not far from hairdressers. They also own a pub next door - they have just bought it - it is really nice and I think they may even do bookings... worth checking.

    You can also get married at the pavilion or on the pier I think...

    I know you said you were against hotels - but the queen's hotel is a great place- they have a room on the corner which overlooks the pier and perfect for going down and taking photos on the beach.

    It is also worth asking around the restaurants - my sister ended up having hers in a cafe - they closed for the day and she had it for the meal (simple and lovely food) then in the evening they moved the tables for dancing.. so if there is somewhere you liked, it is worth approaching them and asking them if they will do your wedding?

    There is a place called the latest music bar which is in a listed building and normally does gigs - great food and quite cool - just opposite the pier again...I am pretty sure they also do weddings and it is not far from the town hall either.

    Wedding fayre tomorrow at the hilton so worth checking out...

    I also like the Hydro Hotel in Eastbourne - amazing views and cute old style hotel? You can play croquet on the lawns outside - and the food is good too!

    For florists - the market stall outside the church on palmeira square in Hove is absolutely amazing - really creative and i know they do weddings.

    You could do postcards from brighton for your invites - especially if you are doing a website - as you can just send the postcard with a link to the site on them. You can do rock as favours (somebody already siad that?) or you can get really cute brighton fridge magnets and keyrings too. You can borrow some pebbles from the beach and write on them for your place names. You could also get your cake from Choccywoccydodah. MUST get photos taken on the horse carosel down on the seafront. If you want a band, it is worth checking out lots of open mic and local gigs as there are so many bands around you could get quite a cool one for little money.

    If I think of anything else I will add it - or if you have any questions just PM me as I dont mind! I was all set to have a brighton wedding as I live here but now going somewhere else so you can have all my ideas no problem!!! x
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I've just been to hangleton manor though and totally sold on it. Its beautiful just what we wanted for our informal wedding. Now just have the dress, cake photographer etc to think about but think that can wait for a bit.
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    Ooh TigerWife - we've been looking at the Old Market Hall too and looks great. Before I get too into it do you know how much it was going to be to hire?
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    Mrs Tall - so glad you found somewhere (and I can speak from experience, Hangleton Manor is fab!). We too had a really laid back, fairly informal day and it was perfect (and I can thoroughly recommend the stick toffee pudding - WOW!). Theres some piccys on my wedding report, and I am more than happy to answer any questions about the venue (or anything else in fact) if need be? My email button is enabled if you want.

    We got married on 19th September, so its all pretty fresh in my mind still...
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    We had a look at a venue today for the reception and the price was excellent. It was Brighton and Hove Golf Club and the views were fabulous. Definitely a front runner for us image You should try them out.
  • Bianx - I'm also looking at venues in Brighton. Could I be really cheeky and ask what sort of quote the golf club has given you? The views do look amazing! Thanks :\)
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    £250-£300 for the hire of the venue, £25 per head for the main meal and £7-£10 for the buffet (depending on what you want). I am seriously considering it but the only down point for us is that it is hard to get to. We are thinking of hirinng a bus/coach to transport everyone though to town centre when it finishes.

    I think that price is excellent but not sure on your budget.

    Hotel wise in town, I think the Thistle were excellent and The Courtlands which is in Hove.

    We are looking at Lansdowne Place in a couple of weekends but think it may be a bit expensive for us.

    Hope this helps!
  • Bianx - Thanks for that, I think it might be worth a visit! We were considering hiring a bus if we choose a venue outside of central Brighton, seems like the best option. I think that we'd like to keep everything fairly central if we can though.

    We've been to see the Thistle and really like it, the Ramada Jarvis too. I've been trying to look at the Lansdowne Place brochure but it never loads, so annoying! Might be worth a look though.

    It's nice to hear from someone else looking at the same sort of places as us, it really is a minefield out there!
  • Hi, I am having trouble finding out cost for Old Market Hove, nobody returns my calls!!!

    Is anyone here able to help?? Thanks xxxxx
  • Hi, I emailed them and they sent a pdf of prices which i can email to you if you let me have your email address?
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    Hi Mrs Tall. Could you send them to me too please

  • .......And me please if that ok


  • Thank you

  • Bit late in the day for me to message! but Old market hove never get back to my messages or emails! putting me off going to them but if you anyone has the prices it would be great to have them! and Lansdowne! 

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