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Hi all

Quite excited about this post as whilst I've loitered for ages here, it's the first time I get to ask something actually weddingy - ish image

We're pondering heading up to Brum in November to look for engagement rings. We want one for me but also one for h2b. He's after something leafy/organic as far as I understand him, and isn't fussed about having a big 'MAN' ring, just one he likes.

So can anyone recommend nice jewellers to go to? GOOD jewellers. And also what's this about you get more for your money if you get your own made??


  • Bicknells - on the corner opposite the car park.

    Brilliant jewellers and great staff. Got mine and H2b's engagement rings from there (I wanted him to have one too as I didnt think it was fair it was all about the woman) and we will definately be getting our wedding rings from there too
  • Definitely worth visiting Neweys, nice family run business and genuine honest people. They have a really big choice of wedding rings/Engagement rings and they can make them in house as well. If you have a design you like they can normally make it and save you some money

  • Neweys is great - got my sapphire and diamond ring from them. A family friend in the trade advised me to buy the ring as they couldn't match, let alone beat the price.

    If you want something more original James Newman on Vyse street is a great contemporary jeweller, but super pricey!

    If you have the creativity to design your own rings, you could speak to a workshop run by two ladies Jeanette and Leanda - they will make anything at a fraction of the cost you'd see in a shop. They are know as Steward and Mclean and are also on Vyse St although hidden away on the first floor, Numbers are 07981 827 533 07947 153 169 x
  • nzecevicnzecevic Posts: 1,206
    I got my eng ring from Solitaire & Co (they have a website) - you choose the setting and choose the diamond and they put it together for you. I was very impressed with them and managed to barter a fair bit of money off. Basically we paid half the price it's insured for!

    I'd also recommend Premier Diamonds and Lynalls which is where we got our wedding rings. But Solitaire do gorgeous diamonds and great value. X
  • Have previously used Bicknells for an eternity ring with my ex and they are very good

    I wanted myengagement ring to come from a different shop this time and we've used Marlows for that and wedding rings. They are near the clock tower.
  • LilahBLilahB Posts: 113
    I would definitely recommend Neweys as well, I'm having my wedding ring from there, I went in with a picture of what I wanted and they had it for the lowest price I found. They were really friendly as well.
  • Neweys is a lovely shop, very friendly. But we ended up in Apsire, a small shop on the otherside of the jewellery quarter. they also have a website

    We found though that we could barter down to a lower price in the store as we were buying my engagement ring and the wedding bands altogether. The sales assistant Nick was very helpful explaining about the dlarity and colour of diamonds, making sure we ordered the correct thing!

    My advise is to have an idea of what styles you like before you go, so that youre not wondering around aimlessly! that way you can compare prices much better from shop to shop.

    Good luck!! and have fun searching!

    oh and whilst youre in brum you should head to the German Christmas Market which opens in november!
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