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Hey all,

I am new to all this. Do you think its too early to start planning a wedding for 2013? Will venues let me book that far in advance.

Also, i am not normally superstition but is the 13 a sign or am I just being silly.


  • Hi

    I work managing the events and wedding sales at a hotel, and have just had my first booking for 2013!!

    Some suppliers may not allow you to book so far in advance, but you should be able to get your venue sorted at the very least

    Hope to help!

  • Thanks for your reply. I hope so. Should start to get things on track for me if I can book the venue.

    Although, havent a clue where I am thinking yet.
  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    Hi, some places won't take bookings but you never know until you try!! You could find that booking now means some people will actually give you discounts.

    My weddings in 2012 so I know only to well that you will come across the people that tell you it's way to early but in my opinion starting your planning now means you have plenty of time to research everything before deciding and that means less stress! image

    What date is your wedding? xo

    ps my brother was married on Friday the 13th and 12 years later has a very happy marriage with 2 gorgeous daughters so no I don't believe it's a sign hun x

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  • Thanks for that huni,

    When did u book ure wedding if you dont mind me asking?

    I am hoping for the 3rd August but we shall see. Im hoping if I can book now then it will be available.

    I dont know if I definately want a church or hotel wedding at the moment.

  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    I booked at the end of June and the wedding is Sept 2012, we won't have our date confirmed until next year though as we're heading to Cyprus and they only release the dates 1-2 years at a time image can't wait though!!! image x
  • wow sounds lovely.
  • We booked our 2010 wedding in 2007 so no I don't think you are too early.

    You can get your date set and venue booked and then do little bits along the way.

  • I agree - its never to early!

    Look at the pros..

    Plenty of time to see all options of venues etc

    Get the Venue & the Date you want!

    Do things bit by bit - less stress

    Many photographers etc - if you book them well in advance you get that price & not 2013 prices!

    Anyways lol theres loads of pros!

    Good Luck

  • I'm going to be a 2013 bride - our house number is 13... I always counted it as a lucky number! We're going tostart thinking about booking from next year... I guess we'll have the pick of the crop eh? x
  • So many advantages image

  • I agree

    I have just paid the deposit and booked my wedding for 2012.

    Although a few suppliers say they are not taking booking just now - others have, and as people are saying I have actually secured a payment for the prices I see now rather than that year, and by placing deposits it means there is a small proportion of it paid anyway. I have paid all my deposits with a credit card for extra security also.

    A few people think we are being hasty buying things now, but I don't. It means I have the things booked that I really really want and don't have to compromise, as well as having time to research for everything else.

    Some companies that I have spoken to (some photographers) say they are not taking bookings for 2012 until beginning of next year - so it gives me plenty of time to shop around then book to ensure my date.

    I am really enjoying booking it so far in advance and think it will pay in the long term. I will have everything I want, prices agreed on and well researched = no stress (fingers crossed!) when the time comes closer

    It;s very exciting!
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