I don't have a clue where to start! Lol!

Hi Everyone,

Wondering of you all can help, I don't have a clue where to start, lol! Me and my fiance are planning on sitting down with my parents next weekend to discuss finances etc but other than that don't have a clue, lol! Does anyone know of a good wedding organisation website or any helpful places to look to get started?

Hope you can help!

Thanks! xxx :\?


  • Have a hat with your husband to decide what kind of wedding you want, e.g big/small,formal,informal. How you both picture your day etc, that will give you some focus points to think about and some must do's/haves.

    Do you know when you want to get married? If so once you've decided on a budget then you will need to start looking at venues and everything etc that fit in with that or if you're flexible on when but not as flexible on the things you want etc then decide what kind of ceremony you want (religous/civil), and ehat kind of reception. For example we were originally going to get married abroad but looked here also so i searched for venues which had sea/ beach views near me but if you like flowers or gardens you could look for places like that etc. If you still don't have any idea then look book to go and have a look at several different types of venue one weekend and see what takes your fancy. Once you've picked your venue you can then start looking for everything else for example you may not need to look for caterers as you may get a package deal with your venue etc.

    Also Have a look to see if there are any wedding fayres near you because they usually have a few venues and lots of other suppliers so its good to get some inspiration also get a couple of wedding mags to get an idea of what you may like.
  • Thanks so much for your reply, I have an idea where and when and your help is great, thanks. We are hoping to get married if possible September next year (2010) and are looking at Cyprus so I think your advice was what I was thinking and we are going to sit down with my parents and work out a budget and then I can start having a look. The other possibility is also County Durham if not Cyprus as that is where I am originally from. I am just excited by it all and its all busy busy busy from now on. Once I have my budget I will know where I am and then I can get started.

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    Hi! I'm heading to Cyprus to get married as well, I found Jenny at www.marriageincyprus.com

    really helpful and the prices of the packages they offer is very reasonable. If you go ahead with your Cyprus idea then I would def recommend booking with a wedding planner. They can take care of as much or as little of the actual organising as you want them to but the main thing is they are there to see to all the legal paperwork side of things x

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  • Hi MrsSJP2B

    Congrat's.... I remember the stage you're at & it's all very exciting and goes by so quickly so enjoy every minute of it

    I found this site while planning and they had some really useful suppliers on it. Go check them out:


    Good Luck with your planning...
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    Congrats MrsSJP2B!! I got engaged last week whilst on holiday in Zante - I am having "the talk" with my parents tonight so hopefully will give us an idea of a budget. I am finding the whole thing a bit daunting really!

    i am also thinking about Cyprus - will have a look at the suggested websites. There were lots of weddings in Zante, it was a lovely island but unfortunately a bit spoilt by typical "Brits abroad". I hope I can find somewhere in Cyprus that isn't like that!!

    Good luck, isn't it exciting! I can't stop looking at my ring!!!
  • lol mrs sjp2b I'm exactly the same! Just got engaged on thursday and no idea where to start, it all seems a bit daunting at the moment but i'm sure when i sit down and start making lists it will look a bit less scary!! good luck with your planning!!
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