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Can anyone recommend a videographer in Essex?? I have been looking online and some are very good but VERY expensive, and then the cheaper ones look really old fashioned.

Anyone help would be appreciated!!

Thanks xx


  • reason why some of the expensive ones charge more is the amount of time spent in the edit. I've never seen any full weddings by this supplier, but there online samples look good, and they are your way tooimage. Try humble productions... or route thru visual bride.....
  • I have booked with Video Magic, he doesnt have a website but you can google him and give him a ring, he will come around to your house and show you all his work. He is brilliant!! and cheap too!

    Hope this helps x
  • Hi girls...maybe check out SVS weddings. I don't think Cheema is the cheapest videographer but has a good eye for editing. We have booked him for our wedding, he does some fun editing!
  • I've booked video memories

    they were the cheapest i found as i'm on a budget..! im based in Basildon not sure where you are but sure he covers the whole of essex
  • - seen their work for a few of my girlfriends weddings and they look like they should be on TV
  • We have booked SVS Weddings too, Cheema is really experienced and a lovely guy!!

    I wouldnt take too much notice of the website as his website does not give his work justice!!! x x
  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211
    i used John Rose from Videomagic and he was excellent - so many people commented on how good he was, he made me feel so at ease and he got some excellent footage too xx
  • We're looking to use DreamCapture from Suffolk, they cover Essex. Seem quite reasonably prived, his service so far has been second to none and sample dvd and you tube entries are all really promising.

    We have looked at about 10 companies in Essex and some are truly awful One focused for 15seonds on the brides forehead!!!!!!!

    We are on a budget of about £600-£700 and there are a fair amount in this price bracket. Interestingly some of the more expensive ones haven't always been the best.

    I would recommend contacting a few suppliers in your price range and asking for sample DVDs it really gives you a good picture of their work.
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