Wedding venues in Lancashire

Hi, I am now starting to plan my wedding and wondered if there were any suggestions as to venues in Lancashire.

I am looking for a civil ceremony in a rural setting, hoping for ceremony and reception to be in the same venue. Day guests approx 60 with night guests totalling approx 150 - 200. I don't want anything too plain really either. Also not looking for top price settings.

I have been reading some posts and hope to get a lot of tips from those of you who seem to know what you're doing, I feel quite lost at the moment but excited about it all coming together!

Thank you

A grateful and novice b2b!!



  • What is your budget and where abouts in lancashire? I'm near blackburn and can suggest a few venues for you. x
  • Congratulations on your up and coming wedding to! xx
  • Junebug2015Junebug2015 Posts: 1,176
    Where in Lancashire? I'm getting married at Heaton Hall in Manchester - not that rural lol but it's an enormous park, with a really lovely old house, they do ceremonies in the library which i was well happy about!

    Congratulations! x
  • MrsHumpsMrsHumps Posts: 218
    Hi, were getting married at eaves hall country hotel in clitheroe, the surroundings are gorgeous, were having 50 during the day and about 150 at night. Inside its quite oldy worldy, which is soo cute but the rooms are newly refurb and modern - the bridal suite is amazing (looks like a WAGS bedroom hehe!!)x
  • We are getting married at Bartle Hall just outside Preston, has the rural setting & you can have both the civil ceremony & the reception there.

    Happy hunting!!
  • Vee2Vee2 Posts: 424
    LisaKettleband, my sister got married at Bartle Hall and if we lived within 100 miles of it we'd be getting married there too - it was lovely.
  • I'm also getting married at Eaves Hall near Clitheroe..........another popular place is Mitton Hall which is also lovely
  • Hi Sarhar, congrats on your engagement and how exciting starting to plan your wedding, I wish I could start all over again!!

    How about these venues:

    Davenport Green Hall

    or Rivington Barn

    Sandhole Oak Barn

    I think these are all fairly rural or have that feel about them!! Good luck xx
  • Hi Sarhar

    I'm getting married in Saddleworth- not sure if that near you? There are a few places around there which are right in the hills such as;

    All three places would accomodate the numbers you are looking for and the two hotels are little almost boutique ones with gorgeous bedrooms....



  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    I'm getting married at Bartle Hall near preston. It's a great location and very reasonably priced. where in lancs are you looking?
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