What length Veil to get!?

Hi Ladies,

ok so i've seen the veil i want to get, but i am not sure what length to get it in. I can't decide between Elbow length and waist length.

What has everyone else gone for?


  • I'm so glad someone is having the same problem! I thought it was just me!

    I eventually decided to go for a waist length, but it was mainly based on seeing a picture that the women who I am ordering sent to me!

    Where are you ordering from? Have you looked at www.theweddingveilshop.co.uk. They have lots of tutorials and pictures on there about veil lengths and stuff.....really helped me!

  • Have you got your dress yet hun? If so did you try on a veil with it? If so what length?Did you like it etc? If not could you go to the shop and try a couple on to see which looks better? I'm not much help hun as i don't know what i'm going for yet but think i'll prob go try my dress on again soon to show my bridesmaid and see what i like then =)
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    hi,im having a full lenth veil,not bad considering originally i wasnt going to have one lol. x
  • I am having a Chapel length Veil (the really, really long one) - wasn't having one but then loved it on LOL xx
  • Im the opposite of everyone here and having a blusher length veil about 18inches long - it will tuck under my up-do and stop just at the top of my dress - i have a detailed back and didnt want to diguise it - and I was worried about getting stuck or tugging on it if it were longer as im dead clumsy
  • im having the chapel lenght really long one its pale gold and sparkly it looks awesome with my dress
  • I'm having a waist length one. My dress has some detail on the back so was initially going for a short veil but my Mum didn't like it. At my second fitting, I tried a longer one and liked it but Mum wasn't there and didn't seem keen so didn't order. Eventually, I found a pic of my dress I hadn't seen before with a cathedral length veil so decided to go for the waist length one - this was only a couple of weeks ago and I get married in one week so haven't tried it with my dress yet!
  • I really can't decide either i did try one on with my dress thing it was elbow lenght but i fluntuate from wantng to have a really long one to not wanting one at all lol. I think i will probably decide nearer the time when i go for my first fitting
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