am i the only one getting married in middlesex on a budget??

hi ladies!

also posted this on receptions thread but any help would be greatly appreciated as i've not had a single response??

could any of you suggest possible venues in the West London and surrounding areas??

i've been looking at hounslow, richmond, hillingdon, west buckinghamshire and similar, but not being from this area it's literally me taking guesses asto the areas and potential venues. h2b doesn't have much knowledge of local area and internet searches are mainly bringing up huge venues well outwith our humble budget.

because we are on a small budget we are hoping to self cater for our afternoon tea affair so church halls, town halls and the like would be ideal, but we are looking at various diff types of venues.

we hope to have the ceremony in a church nearby to uxbridge and are willing to travel for the right venue. we would like a reception venue for a party of approx 50 through the day and 100 in the evening but it will be a sunday wedding which is also causing some problems.

any suggestions would be welcome as well as any feedback on venues that you've visited, weddings you've attended or even any places we should avoid?

hope you can help, thanks xx

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  • having a look through them now. thanks!! x
  • Also try the council websites. Pitshanger Manor is owed by Ealing Council and is lovely, but doesn't allow dancing!!! However, if your having afternoon tea this might be ideal.
  • thanks for the suggestion nicnics. i've checked out some of the local council halls (including Ealing gov) but a lot of them are asking for £1000-£3000 for venue hire alone.

    sadly this is well outwith our budget... we got engaged in january 09 and were planning the wedding for next summer but a few months back had to face facts our huge budget was never going to happen... we had two choices: put the wedding back a few years and splurge when the time came OR marry on a very small budget and focus on the most important thing to us both - becoming husband and wife.

    we are now hoping to find a venue for approx £500 if at all possible and self-cater our afternoon tea affair. everyone on here on a budget seems to be searching through local halls etc but i'm shocked at the prices of some of these council run facilities!

    we're doing a heavy weekend of venue viewings this fri, sat, sun & i'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will come up with a hidden gem. i've lists of local village halls, in middlesex, bucks & oxfordshire.

    can't help but wondering if i am the only one on here getting married in middlesex on a budget?! :\(
  • Hey honey,

    The Barn hotel do a good package deal for about £3k?

    Its quite a find the hotel and not what you would expect as you turn off the road, but if you like snuggly barn then its for you

  • Sorry that includes food, decor, ceremony etc!!

    Just say you saw it at their wedding fair

  • thanks Tullulah. we're going to see the Barn at the weekend although £3k is still more than we want to pay. plan on haggling & we're having a church wedding so hopefully that will knock a bit of the price??
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