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Im a new bride to be, my other half proposed to me on saturday :\) its soo exciting. would like to introduce myself as this seems like a very helpful site and cant wait to get going with the planning or atleast pre-planning and getting lots of helpful tips as the date we are set on at the moment isnt until 1st August 2014!!!

My names Katy and i look forward to spending a good few years planning with you all image

soontobemrsS x


  • Hi Katy Im pretty new on here as well 2014 seems such along time off but im sure bein on ere will be helpful an it can be quite addictive hehehe image
  • welcome katy image xx
  • hehe yeah :\) i like to be organised and atleast this way we've got time to choose what we want and save up some more pennys image

    have you set a date yet millymollymelly?
  • hi katy, welcome to th forum.

    i'm kerry, getting married in march 2010 and surprisingly organised! (if you knew me, you'd know why i said 'surprisingly')

    i've got some brilliant tips on this site. happy planning! x
  • Thank you so much for the replies and a warm welcome image

    i see what you mean about becoming addicted hehe image i cant focus on any of my work!
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