Getting married April 2011 :)

Hello everyone!

Just signed up to Y&YW - am so exctied about getting married, we have done lots already but am reading through lots of other peoples suggestions for things we need to sort out.

Venue booked, and dress got, We are getting married at our venue too so saved on transport costs.. Also saved on no honeymoon -as we will of just got back from travelling for 3 years!

Anyone else getting married in April?? xx


  • Hey!

    Although we have not definately booked anything, we are also looking to get married in April 2011 image

    Where is your venue??

  • We are getting married in Wiltshire, at Guyers house, What about you? I am already so excited, are you?!?!? x
  • Rookie82Rookie82 Posts: 110
    Hey fellow April 2011 bride! We got engaged in May (my birthday) and decided on April 2011. We have venue booked, photographer and i've sorted my dress. Seems ages away but afer the new year it wont be that long for us!

    x x x
  • Wow I feel unorganised having nothing at all booked!! lol

    We are getting married in Ireland as my fiance is Irish. Hoping to put down the deposit at Christmas image

    Jesslovesed...I was nosey and looked at your venue....its gorgeous!!!

    Rookie82...where are you getting married???

  • hehe emmabelle i am always nosey and looking at other peoples weddin g ideas! Where are you planning to get married in Ireland?- rookie whats your dress like? i have got mine too it is caroline castligiano "electra" (incase you feel like being nosey )
  • Rookie82Rookie82 Posts: 110

    Rookie82...where are you getting married???


    Im getting married at Moxhull Hall, West Midlands...i'm from Birmingham. Where about are you looking emmabelle?

    x x x
  • I think we have decided on Castle Oaks House Hotel - its in Co. Limerick, Ireland.

    Jesslovesed your dress is lovely image very elegant!!

    I am hoping to start looking next year when I have lost a few lbs!

    Whats dates in April are you both getting married???

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