Wedding Insurance

We are trying to organise wedding insurance at the moment. Does anyone have any recommendations?


  • I spent ages looking at various policies and eventually decided on Event Insurance - package was approx £65. I found some cheaper policies but we wanted public liability as well as personal liability. I thought the which? website was quite helpful.

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    I've got E&L Wedding insurance, but Ive heard bad reviews of them on here (I got it before reading any bad things!). Apparently they are really bad and try and get out of paying up? Luckily we've not had to use them for anything, touch wood!

    I think some people have gone for Debenhams and M&S, and have been happy xxx
  • We are with events insurance as we had to have £5m public liability for our venue. It cost £45.
  • Thank you all!
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    Yeah E & L are bad news, avoid !!

  • Try Greenbee ladies. I shopped around and this was the best one I could find. Its part of John Lewis.
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