Save the Date Question

I'm thinking about getting ready to make the save the date cards and I was just wondering if we send 2 types of save the dates, one for all day and one for just evening guests? Or do we send them to just the all day guests?


  • Hi there,

    We sent out our save the date to just the day guests as we are getting married in July but we have facebook'ed for our evening guest to see who will be attending! I don't think there is any set way of doing it but if you haven't booked your venue it does give a great guide for numbers! Hope this helps! xx
  • jw056jw056 Posts: 613

    We also only sent them to the day guests.

  • We just sent ours to the day guests too hun xx
  • Bear0803Bear0803 Posts: 848
    hi, we are sending two types out, a day and a night purely as we want to make it clear to the recipient what they are invited to...a friend of ours didnt do two and a few guests turned up for the day do when they were not invited so if you dont send a day and a night one just ensure you make it clear on the invites what the person is invited to!
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