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wedding dresses

Hi, im relatively new to this site and never posted before,

im in a bit of a dilemma over wedding dresses:\?, im currently pregnat so havent actually looked at dresses yet as im feel huge! lol. Im getting married Aug 2010 and baby is due end of Jan 2010, when should i start looking at dresses cos im hoping to lose my baby weight (and more if poss) before the big day!

Charlie xxx:\)


  • My third baby is 6 months, and i have just about lost the weight, i am not the same shape at all, you aren't after having babies. But i agree i'd leave it a couple of months before trying one on, the best idea is to get a good dressmaker to do you one, that way you know it will fit and she will do it in time, there might not be an off the peg one you like? x
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