Rockingham Castle reviews??

Hello - I'm new to this site and am in the first exciting few months of wedding planning - that is looking for a venue!

We're going to have a look at Rockingham Castle in a few weeks but I've been uable to find any reviews on the internet about it!

Has anyone been or gotten married there?? Or know anything about it?




  • Hi,

    I've been to a wedding there as a guest, it was amazing. What a view from the gardens, so romantic. It all seems very organised and the staff were helpful. If you need any advice on local suppliers...I might be able to help as I live in the area and have helped plan my friends wedding in Leicestershire.

  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    Hi Daisy!

    Wow thanks for your reply! I'm actually from Leicester and lived near Market Harborough until I was 18 yet have never been to Rockingham!

    We have been given a list of preferred suppliers which they say we have to stick to. I'm not sure how strict that is though.

    We're not getting married until 2011 so we have plenty of time to arrange things....I hope!

    Having helped your friend organise her wedding you must feel very calm about organising your own.

  • Hi,

    I don't think they are that strict because my friend had a photographer from London that she knows do the photography so I think they are just suggestions rather than 'you have to go with these'. Brides of Market Harborough is a great dress shop if you want to start looking at dresses and there are many great florists in the area I can suggest, although I think Earthworks is on their list and they are good or you can look at Ingrid Carter-Johnson who is fabulous, she would be great for that sort of venue and her daughter does the most beautiful photos, she photographed my children and did an amazing job, she also does wedding photography and lives locally. There used to be a wonderful place in Kibworth for renting guys suits, not sure if that has moved though and there is also a good makeup artist at the Beauty Room in Kibworth who would go to venues before hand. Hope this helps.x

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