How much does catering cost?

Hi ladies,

I'm looking at getting married in a converted barn, which would mean we would have to arrange the food ourselves - how much would this roughly cost for say 80 people - do I have to include food in the evening?

Does this work out more expensive than say a hotel or something?

I love this venue so much, but it includes no food so it will work out expensive for us.

Any hints or tips to save money would be welcome.

Thank you xx


  • It all depends on what kind of food you want, a 3 course sit down meal is going to be a lot more expensive than a buffet. Have you thought about a hog roast, as they can be quite reasonable. It can be done on a tight budget, you just have to shop around for caterers etc.

    I know some hotels do package deals like Holiday Inn do a £999 deal.

    Where we're getting married (Manor Park Country House in Swansea), they don't charge room hire at all, we're going for their "all inclusive menu" which is a 3 course meal plus 2 drinks for £28 per head. It's slightly more on food than we had planned to spend, but we're making a saving with no venue costs. I'd check out venues in your area, and see if there's anywhere like that near you?

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