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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, any Ideas?

Hello all!

I am getting married in July 2011 (long way off but i am an event organiser by trade so i had to jump straight to it) and am looking for a venue that has a civil license to get married outdoors? I know it has to be under a roof, usual under a gazebo, but just wondered if any one has been married, is getting married or knows of a venue that does this?

We are looking to get married in Herts area but I would love all suggestions from all over the UK

Thank you so much!!!



  • I live in Cornwall and are getting married at Polhawn Fort where u can get married outside in the gazebo. Have u thought about having a reg office wedding and then a blessing outdoors somewhere?
  • Thank you for the location image

    We have considered it but myself and my H2B wanted to have the ceremony once and a blessing would be wasted on us as we have no religious connections lol

  • emoriaemoria Posts: 344
    I am getting married in a registry office on the 31/04/2010 just me, my h2b and our two BF's as witnesses. We're not exchanging rings, not dressing up and keeping the vows to the basics. We're treating this as just the legal part ,

    Then on the 2/05/2010, two days later we are having a humanist ceremony in the grounds of my future in-laws farmhouse with 70 guests, a harpist, candle ceremony, a few readings, our proper vows which can be anything we please (we are not religious in the slightest hence the humanist celebrant) and hopefully the sun will be shining down on us....if not we have a plan b which is to move it to a marquee. British weather as it is!

    Hope this helps x
  • You can get married outside in the grounds of Knebworth House in Hertfordshire - Its beautiful!

    Hope this helps xx
  • H2B and I just had a lovely weekend away in a place called Hinton Grange near Bath which has a gazebo just for this. It's a beautiful hotel, the staff were all very obliging and the food was to die for.

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  • lingslings Posts: 2
    I've been looking into this for a while too. I know you can get married outdoors in Scotland as its the registrar who is licensed rather than the venue like in England. I'll be getting married at Wedderburn Castle, just over the Scottish border to allow me to have an outdoor wedding. If you're looking in England I know quite a few places but up North. Theres a Saddleworth Hotel in Chester. They also have a few chains and all with the same licensed sandstone gazebo including one near the peak district. Matfen Hall in Northumberland and Thornton Manor in Cheshire also have facilities for outdoor weddings. Wish I could help about down south but I only know of one venue. My friend got married at Broxbourne civic centre. One of the locations licensed is under a wooden gazebo by the lake surrounded by trees. Its really beautiful there.

    Hope this information helps and good luck with everything!
  • im getting married next year at leez priory in chelmsford. it is a tudor historic house/building but looks like a castle and has a seperate tower where you can get married under. i love it. good luck to you x x
  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions they have been a great help, will run them all pass the H2B and look into them!

  • I know some venues in South East that we looked do. We looked here which has what your looking for x
  • katy_ckaty_c Posts: 432
    I know it doesn't help with the ceremony part, but with regards to the reception you could look at having a teepee wedding! They look so cosy and special and i'm sure in the YAYW real life weddings bit somebody did this.
  • Hop11Hop11 Posts: 1,404
    the forestry centre in derby......i know it isnt close, but its supposed to be nice. is local to us

    think it was also on dont tell the bride at some point....
  • hiya,

    we are getting married in sutton coldfield in birmingham, not local but thought i'd mention it as i think it has got a gorgeous outside area (not that im biased- haha!)

    its got awindy path leading down out door ceremony area in a suncken gared, its sooo pretty!

    have a look at them pics to see it properly

    good luck x x
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