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colours/theme ideas help

Any ideas appreciated.

What would you choose as colours/theme if:

wedding is late March

In an orangery in a country park

Its a long narrow building with high ceilings and loads of windows

Im English, H2B is Welsh

I like bright colours, not pastels.

Im having 3 adult bridesmaids


  • Hi feejee

    I found this wicked website for wedding themes really good ideas.

    Happy planning

  • OOO venue sounds very nice!

    If you like bright colours how about hot pink? Or lime green or orange?

    I would only have one really bold colour and the rest lighter shades of main colour or something that complements main one!!

    Im an April bride but not until 2011 but im going for pastels like mint green, lilac and pink or blue!!

    If you search on google a few colours under mood boards and look at images it may help!!

    Good luck...and if your anything like me you will change your mind a millions times!! xx
  • TulipBrideTulipBride Posts: 3,966
    We married in mid march of this year in a Georgian house with beautiful gardens so similar to yours. We choose soft lime green for our invitations, chair covers and candles as it's a colour so associated with Spring. To symbolise our two nationalities coming together we had orange tulips and ivory roses and then peach flowers to complete the pallet. Our flowers and colours were as about are far as we went with a theme.

    The vibrant orange complemented the soft lime, peach and ivory and the colours looked so bright and cheerful on what could have been a dull day. As it was, we had blue skies and the flowers looked even brighter.

    Choose colours you both like. I love purples and lilacs but hubby doesn't really like those colours so we had to rethink.

    If you like bright colours have two bright and one softer to balance it out. Yellow, orange, hot pink, purple all work together in various combos.

    Fab mood boards on here.

    Als try and project wedding for others.
  • Thanks for those links to mood boards, they are really good. Im so bad at decisions though! It's taken 4 months for me to take the decisions to book the venue, even though h2b decided it was perfect immediately.

    So, im beginning to think i'd like daffodils and tulips as flowers. Maybe purple and yellow??? I think the bridesmaids would be happy in purple, but not yellow.

    I do quite like in the wedding magazines where the b'maids are in different coloured/tones of dresses.
  • twt09twt09 Posts: 1,554
    here are some more mood boards and ideas.

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  • IDO2011 - thanks for that website I was stuck on a colour theme and this has just been the site that certainly has started to give me some great ideas. I am getting married in May 2010.
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