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Reception Venue Haggling help!

I was just wondering if anyone has haggled at all on their reception venue has got any tips for haggling, what to haggle on etc?

Our reception venue has given us a good quote but I'd like to try and see if we can get it a bit cheaper or get some extras thrown in like champagne instead of sparkling wine for the top table. Also another hotel we've looked at will upgrade the complimentary room to a suite free of charge if available, do you think we could try and get the other hotel to include this rather than paying an extra £40?

Any tips would be very helpful!!!!!


  • MrsLJC2bMrsLJC2b Posts: 451
    haggling is a must! There was an episode of 'don't tell the bride' on recently, which you might be able to download or find on youtube, with a guy called patrick who was fantastic and getting prices down - he was relentless!!
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