Registrar - when to book?


We have provisionally booked our wedding (civil ceremony) for 23rd July 2011 and are confirming the date and deposit on 3rd Jan. Havign looked on our council website, it says that wedding dates can be booked a year in advance so does this mean we have to wait until July 2010 to book the registrar??



  • Don't think so! Our venue said to make sure we got in quick witht he registrar as they can get booked up quite quickly! Best to give them a ring and be sure though, mine were really quite helpful and very friendly and sent everything i needed out in the post straight away! Good luck image

  • ooh thanks for that Katy. puts my mind at rest as with it being July, I dont want to wait and not be able to get a registrar image I'll definitely give them a call in Jan once we have confirmed the venue.

    thanks again :\)
  • It depends - some districts let you book the registrar up to 2 years in advance so they can pop your date in the diary. It's the giving of notice that you have to wait until 12 months before the date. I'd give them a call and see what they say.
  • yeah Staffordshire Council website said 12 months for giving notice so I assumed it meant booking the date too but hopefully not! I'll give them a call

  • We live in Cornwall and provisionally booked the registrar in Jan 2009 and get married in June 2010. Then when you give notice (up to a year in advance) the booking is confirmed.
  • I am having a civil service in staffordshire in sept 2010 and we booked the registrar back in June. I got v confusred by it all but you can book the registrar as soon as you have a venue but you can't give notice (the legal stuff) until a 12 months before.

    Hope that helps?

    Where are you getting married?

  • We are gettingarried at Weston Hall near Stafford. I understand how it works now but because we live in Staffs Moorlands council area, it makes it a bit more complicated but i'll ask the registrar about it!! lol
  • Our registrar is provisionally booked for July 2012. I booked them in Feb this year. It will not become an official booking though until we give notice in 2011. But she had no problem with pencilling us in so to speak. The best thing to do is to ring and ask them. x
  • Our registary office was the same; only a year in advance..but we booked it 11 months prior (much to the amusement of registra...apprently there is no need too at ours)!
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