Which venue do you prefer?

I posted in the reception section but only got one reply so thought I would try in here.

We have seen two venues we like both are actually reasonably priced but we are struggling to decide between the two, so opinions would be very help ladies.

First up is the venue in Wales which I believe is near that pretty Snowadion place.


This is the second venue in the lake district it is also a shooting lodge that does put me off abit as myself and the other half are big animal lovers and dont really agree with hunting purely for fun.


If you could please let me know which one you think is nicer I would be very grateful.

Thanks again


  • hi mrspolish.

    before i even looked at the photos of the venues, i would have said that if you weren't sure about the shooting lodge, forget it! if it doesn't sit with both of your principles etc, then i would say it might not be for you.

    i think the quay is gorgeous! i especially love the look of the veranda at night. personally, i would go with that!

    hope this helps hon,

    lovevintage xx
  • both look lovely but if your not entirely happy with the lodge i wouldnt go for it because it will be at the back of your mind all the time.
  • katy_ckaty_c Posts: 432
    I agree with the posts above, i think you need to choose somewhere that suits you most.

    Personally I prefer the quay for those amazing views over the water.
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