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We're thinking of having our reception at Croxteth Hall but the only person I know who attended a wedding there went 10 years ago and didn't rate it. They've made a lot of changes and it seems nice, but don't want to sign anything before I get feedback from people who've been there.

Also, they have two recommended caterers: Eatons and Carringtons - any comments about these would be appreciated.



  • mico62mico62 Posts: 241
    Personally I don't rate it, a friend got married there 4 years ago and the photos were taken on the lawn in front of the hall complete with Mr Whippy ice cream van and people sat on the grass with horrible brats gawping at us while we stood around all done up in our wedding finery feeling like complete idiots!

    Have a look at Arley hall just outside warrington although I think its closed until Easter. if theres a wedding they close the hall to the public and although the gardens are still open they corden off the bit by the hall so you've got plenty of privacy for photos etc and cos you have to pay to go into the garden you won't have to worry about the scallies!!

    Thornton Manor on the wirral is fabulous and not too expensive if you go for a midweek wedding.
  • We looked at Arley Hall, but hire charge was £3000 more than Croxteth! Still £2000 less than Thornton Manor though. We're having a church ceremony on a Saturday in August - not the best scheduling for a tight budget, but we really wanted a summer wedding.
  • mico62mico62 Posts: 241
    Sorry, I thought you were looking to get married there - if you're having a church wedding you can have your photos done there and maybe early evening ones done at the hall when the ice cream man's gone.

    I hope I haven't put you off - the wedding was lovely but all I can remember is the Mr Whippy van and screaming kids.

    I'm trying to think of other venues nearby - what about West Derby golf club? Someone in work's just booked the Raquet Club near the Albert dock and got a good rate cos they booked 10 rooms.

    I didn't know Thornton cost that much - we used it for a school prom a couple of years ago and the kids loved it. x
  • Yeah £7000 just for room hire! Hadn't thought of the Golf Club, that would be a nice setting, thanks I'll take a look.
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    I have been looking at Peckforton castle

    Steph xx
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