FAO New b2bs

I would just like to give all you new bride to be's a very warm welcome to the forum.

You'll soon be as addicted as the rest of us and enjoy your time in the mad world of wedding planning, when all your friends have had enough of you wittering on about wedding cakes and invitations, colour schemes etc, remember you can always come speak to the lovely ladies on here who like myself dont usually get bored of wedding talk.

Congratulations on your engagements.


  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230
    oh how lovel of you to welcoe new brides hunny!!

    Massive congrta to everyone that had a new shiney ring to pen on xmas day!!

    This place really is addctive but ti's full of tonnes of usful info!!

    Happy planming xx
  • thanks for the welcome girls i got my shiny ring xmas morning and am in the over excited boring everyone with weddings chat lol so have taken to reading post on here image

    claire x
  • Definately want to echo the welcome. I am completly addicted to this site. Love it though as it means I don't have to bore everyone I know with wedding rambles.
  • thank you for the warm welcome, iv been engaged for just over a month and am still in shock! must admit it all feels a little intimidating!! dont know where to start


    hope everyones had a wonderful christmas and are looking forward to the new year
  • Hello...Thank you for the welcome. I am new to the site and fairly newly engaged (since Aug 26th)....love having a place to talk all about weddings!

    I hope everyone has a fantastic new year xxx
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