Just Engaged!

Hi everyone! As you probably established from my name I'm Sam...and I'm from Leeds!

My chap proposed to me on Christmas Day this year and we're hoping to marry in summer of 2011.

Whilst just thinking about the planning of my wedding I have realised that I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm sure I'll become addicted to this website quizzing you all on what to do!

Hope to be speaking to you all soon! And congrats to anyone who's just got engaged too!

Sam xx



  • caz11acaz11a Posts: 323
    congratulations and welcome to the site.

    You could get some ideas for venues as they can book up really early, colour schemes, ideas of dress you want. This site is addictive but the lovely ladies on here are top notch when you're after advise or honest opinions.
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536

    Steph xx
  • Congratulations x
  • BianxukBianxuk Posts: 494
    Congratulations! It's soooo exciting being an engaged lady! Although I must admit that when I first got engaged, I did know when to start! Tee hee! I think I am a bit like Monica from friends - I have had my wedding planned since 5 years old. Poor my h2b!!!

    You will have such a fab time. I hope you enjoy your best christmas ever so far!!!
  • MrsHumpsMrsHumps Posts: 218
    Congratulations huni, I got engaged a couple of days before crimbo its sooo exciting xx
  • NMG2BNMG2B Posts: 295
    Hi Ladies, I got the surprise of my life on Christmas when my lovely Big G proposed!! Have been waiting on this for ages, but now it's here, I don't know where to start!!!

    Looking forward to becoming a regular, congratulations to all you other newly engaged folks too!!

    N x
  • Hi Everyone!! I am a newbie-engaged too! Congratulations Sam! Soooo excited too but i also have no idea where to start as my h2b (can't believe i have a h2b!!) and i want to get married in 2011 but we are currently away travelling!! There are so many lovely possibilities, will definitely become a regular i think!! Congrats again! xx
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