So heres the problem

Hi me and my boyfriend have found the perfect engagement ringimage However the centre diamond is only 0.25 and we were looking for at least a 0.50 were really disheartened as it perfect in every other way.Does anyone know of any jewlelers which sell a simmilar one with a bigger diamond 0.5 ??

many thanks

Natasha & Andrew


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    What is your budget hun ? Have found a few but they are very expensive.

  • Any suggestions would be welcomed hun ! unless im too late and he's secretly gone off and brought one teehee !! he's whisking me away to a secret place for the weekend for our 6 year anniversary on the 13th Marchimage x
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    here's something similar and it is a carat total weight
  • wow that definatly is some bling ! I think what I loved about the other is that the bling was entirely in the centre whereas this is totally blingtatsic......I think tbh that we were looking at the 1400 mark so in that respect its perfect....btw your ring is beautiful was it a surprise? How did you get married if you dont mind me asking xx
  • The ebay one is exquisite ! x
  • have you thought about looking into bliss rings where they make you a ring, there are other ring companies that make to order so to speak
  • No I havent as it goes we looked at Blue Nile and 77diamonds etc Thanks xx
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    Have you thought about having one made?

    We are going here:

    Hope this helps you


  • hi mine is from ahave diamonds beautiful 0.75centre stone total carrots 1.2 only £1100 as it s from isrealand diamsonds are v cheap out hter egot it valued here for |£3700 xxx
  • When looking for my ring, I really liked one particular setting and cut but wanted a bigger diamond. The jewellers said they could just reset with a bigger rock, so might just be worth asking the store if they can reset...presumably you don't have to buy online, Beaverbrooks have shops I think? x
  • Well that was one of the first questions we asked the lady at beaverbrooks but she said they didn't tbh she didnt even tell us the value of the diamond in the centre so we only found out when we looked it up at home.She said that if we loved the ring it was just a comprimise we'd have to makeimage the killer was when she put the wedding band together with engagement ring it was gorgeous !!!! we'll see when the actual ring arrives I cannot wait ..I wonder how he proposesimage x Thank for your help freewoman
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