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Hobby Craft? Good?

Im just planning things at the minute, but heard people mention HC alot... is it good for things? I want to make my own button holes, and bouquet etc, and table center pieces.

I was thinking about vising today, buts its a 3 hour round trip lol so should I go or not??? :\?


  • njwarnernjwarner Posts: 249
    Maybe take a look online?? Yes Hobby Craft is good, but if you are on a tight budget you may find things cheaper online like ebay or somewhere!
  • i've bought some things from e.bay and some from H.C. I've really used the shop to look at ideas, but mostly bought the actual items from elsewhere. Any craft shop will be happy to help you and quite often have examples of things like invitations/tableplans/etc that they can show you.
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Hobbycraft tends to be quite a bit dearer than online so if you have to spend a 3 hour trip just to get to one, I probably wouldn't bother.

    Do you have a Dunlem Mill or a Country Baskets near you? They do good artificial flowers and you'll be able to find the extra bits you need on ebay x
  • Thanks for replies, I decided to go and visit, taking kids with me on the promise of a trip to the aquarium lol

    Prices were very high, but got some ideas, and also saw many couples planning weddings there.. many on the verge of cancelling it haha never seen so many people arguing!

    Did buy some diamond looking embellishments to put on name cards, and a caanvas to make a table planner out of.
  • It's good and well wortha visit, but you will probably find things cheaper on the internet x
  • I've bought most of my card etc for invitations, favours etc from Hobbycraft. It is pricey but it's quite handy as everything is under one roof and they have a big section for weddings and you tend to get one or two ideas just by looking what they have in stock. Might be worth a little visit but it would probably be a little cheaper elsewhere.
  • Hobbycraft is expensive.

    For our wedding favours I wanted small white buckets. It worked out about £140 for the ones in Hobbycraft but I went on to & got the ones I wanted for £70.

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