Medival wedding

My sister has just decided that she would like a medival theme to her wedding. Venue possible Bolsover Castle or Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. Has anyone else had a theme to their wedding?:\?

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    Hi honey,

    Have you ever spoken to Grangebex ? Her wedding was a medieval princess/dr who wedding and it was fab. She made her own dress, suits, flowergirls dresses etc. Her is the link to her wedding report for you to take a look at.

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    There's a company called medieval scribe (google it) who do wedding stationery that looks like medieval books, you could try that?
  • Does yopur sister want to do a proper medieval wedding or a hollywood inspired medieval wedding? There are a couple of re-enactors markets happening soon - there is one next weekend and then another one at the end of March

    There will be lots of vendors here that sell fabrics, patterns and clothes, as well as people who will do bespoke clothing. They may also be a good place for inspiration.

    Authentic medieval gowns are really quite flattering for all figures, especially late 14thC and 15thC fashions. They are also made using a very simple patterns. I am a hopeless sewer but have knocked out a couple of gowns in my time.

    I can send links to a few costumers if you or your sister are interested.

    You may have seen this a few years ago

    The bride is my bridesmaid and the groom is my future uncle-in-law (it was actually at this wedding that my now H2B tried it on with me for the first time - he didn't get anywhere). Please note that 95% of the article is rubbish, the Daily Mail not being known for checking their sources. She is quite clearly not wearing 270 feet of anything and the wedding cost nowhere near £30,000 (less than a third of that I think). The joust and battle the day after weren't part of the wedding but part of a re-enactment event that was taking place at the same time. It was an amazing wedding . The food was delicious and all of the guests got involved. It was really good fun.
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