How did you know it was LOVE !!!!!!!!!

How did you know it was LOVE!!!!!!!

Did you feel all funny inside, everytime you were together? Or Were you like me, after about a month of going out with Stephen, something just clicked inside and said to me i want to be with this man forever!!!!!!!!!! It was then i knew.

It would be great to hear from you all and be as lovey dovey, as you like. Without the sick bucket.

Lindsay xxxxxxxxx


  • louisevickilouisevicki Posts: 391
    I dunno really i think it sort of crept up on me and then one day i just realised i couldn't live without him.

    I was with someone before we got together and i thought i loved him although i came to me senses pretty quick.

    After i'd been with my bloke for just a few months i could see that i didn't know what love was before.

    Everyday i tell him I love him and i will continue to do so "till death do we part"

    It is a warm fuzzy feeling i get when i look at him and he holds me but it's also the pain when i think about losing him.

    (Urgh that's enough soppiness from me!)
  • Katie88ukKatie88uk Posts: 535
    well when i met mike, i knew there was something about him, and after about 2 months together, he was the first thing i thought of in the morning and the last thing at night. and after that i just knew i wanted to be with him for the rest of my life.

    awwww im feeling all slushy now image

    katie x
  • susiequksusiequk Posts: 229
    for me again it wasn't a BANG that's him. it just felt right and i at some point though, that is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with, i want to have children with him and be there for him when ever he needs me.

    i realised that the feelings i had for him were totally different from when i thought i'd been in love before. from the start i was completely myself with him and i felt i could do and say anything and he wou't judge.

    we think on such the same wavelength on lots of things. we just really ckick.

    i do get fuzzy looking at him and when he just winks at me from across a room, i love that!

    also the pain i feel when we are appart or i think about loosing him is so big.

    I also realised how i felt the first time we had a big fight and i really did want to resolve it and make up, no storming off or sulking i wanted to work!

    it sounds really korny, but i really can't imagine my life without him!

  • I had a premonition one morning that I would meet my h2b that day - and I did! Freaky or what? It was instant attraction and although I believe in lust at first sight, not love at first sight, I think I realised pretty early on that it was special. I had no desire to get married but 8 years down the line and it seems to make sense now. We can't imagine life without each other.
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    Cause the moment i saw him he made me laugh, and i wanted to see him again so badly it hurt!!
  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
    i think i new as i just wanted to be with him all the time we were friends at first and then we dated and then after 3 days we have never been apart!
  • sarahloesarahloe Posts: 88
    I knew the first time I looked in his eyes this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with! We had a short romance but as I was about to leave to studie abroad we didn't really want a relationship. (even though I knew we were meant to be together) After I came back we started going out again. And now, six years later, we are finally getting married!!
  • smurphitsmurphit Posts: 328
    I realised after about 2 months as well but h2b knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me after 2 weeks!!!

    We've been together for 7 years now and are finally getting married next summer. Though I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him I wanted to make sure we could live together first, it would have broken my heart to marry him and then realise we couldn't stand living under the same roof as each other. I know that sounds silly but I just couldn't risk it. We've been through so much hard stuff over the last 7 years that we know we can work through anything and come out stronger. I can't wait to marry him it gives me butterflies every time I think about him. When he looks across and smiles at me in the car my tummy still does sumersaults!

    Thanks for posting this topic, today was going to be really crap at work but now I'm smiling! image
  • linfinsuttonlinfinsutton Posts: 1,062
    Isn't great just telling anyone and everyone why you love someone.

    I don't care who knows that i love Stephen. To me, he's my world. Somedays he iritates the hell out of me. But i wouldn't be without him.

    I've read the posts and on all of them, i can relate so much to how you felt and still feel.

    Its still the same for me after nearly 6 1/2 years, 2 kids. I love him the same as i did in the beginning.

    Please don't be shy, in writing how you feel about someone.Be PROUD!!!!!!
  • I realised I loved him on our second proper date. I had never ever been nervous about going out with a man, yet i made an extra special effort to get dressed up, and i couldnt stop smiling all night. When I got home, i couldnt stop thinking about him, and then he called me about an hour after he dropped me off, and i just knew he was my ideal man. I was open with him from the start, when I met him emotionally and mentally I was in a horrible place, and i told him bits and pieces as it came along. Within 10 days we had said i love you, and discussed marriage, at the time it was just a drunken ramble, but i had to go to spain for a couple of weeks. He had agreed to come out halfway through my 2nd week and fly home with me. While I was away we argued every night, and i had started to think, i dont think i need this in my world. BUT when i went to meet him from the airport and he came out through the doors I had never been so certain of anything in my life, and that was the night we got engaged, 5 weeks after getting together
  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    me and h2b met back in 1999 through st john ambulance.

    on the day we met it was at a public event where we we're providing the first aid cover. i had been involved with sja since 1994 so new most if not all members that attended.

    however, this day a gorgeous guy (h2b) turned up - i didnt no who he was but intended to find out! we got talking and became really good friends. there was something about him that made me feel all fluttery - cant tell u or him what as i dont no - all i no is how he made me feel.

    i tried it on with him a few times but he kept saying no as i was under 18 (16yrs old). but i didnt give up on him. i did think i wouldnt be able to live without him but if friendship was all he was prepeared to offer then that was that. i ended up marrying a prat (found out after wedding) and getting divorced 18months later..

    it was during this time that our friendship grew even stronger as he was really supportive. 1 thing (a video), led to another (a snog) and then a relationship, engagement, a baby and soon a wedding.
  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399
    I knew i wnted to spend the rest of my life with Dan as soon as i met him at the age of just 14. Everythin about him was my dream man- i knew no one else would ever do.

    It took him 3 months to realise and ask me out!!!

    6 years later and were finally planning the wedding can't wait.

    Like most of you have said before when you wanna spend all your time with one person, they make you laugh all the time, u miss them so much it hurts when your apart and the thought of them not being there when you wake up makes your whole body stop you know its LOVE!!!!!!!

    Good Luck to all you ladies in Love!!xxx
  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    What a great thread!

    I'd known my h2b for about a year before we got together. I was in a (totally pants) relationship with someone else at the time but whever I came home (this was uni time) I'd hang out with my best friend (h2b) and it was like the boyfriend didn't exist. Eventually split up with the boyf (should have done it ages before I did but it was easier to "put up and shut up" if you know what I mean).

    Then pounced on h2b when we were at an archery field shoot (cross country archery targets set up in woodland) and kissed him. Turned out he'd been lusting after me for a year just like I'd been lusting after him. Went back to uni a couple of days later all shook up. Got drunk at a "welcome back to the department" party and KNEW I had to marry him and have his babies! So I called him and told him. Was over the moon when he said the same thing and that he was so glad I'd called.

    The rest as they say is history. There could never be anyone else for me.

    Am loving all the brilliant stories.

  • linfinsuttonlinfinsutton Posts: 1,062
    hello topic still going, love hearing everyones love stories. it feels great when you express your feelings for that person. you read back and think awwwwwww. keep writing...
  • I knew the moment I looked at my guy that this is IT!I didn't believe in love at first sight before I met him, well, definitely do now. We spent together just one day but it was enough to fall in love completely. Then, we had a long distance relationship for 3,5 years spending most of earnings for plane ticketsimage I am platinum client for most airlines!image We are now getting married, wedding is in 20 days, and I will see my H2B again in only a week! So happy, can't even begin to tell you!
  • linfinsuttonlinfinsutton Posts: 1,062
    Wow isn't great when love at first sight happens.

    Where abouts are you and him from? Where are you having the wedding to?

    And lastly are you nervous?
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    Me and my h2b were friends were quiet a few months before getting together. It's quite funny because he was one my one mate who was purely platonic and I used to tell people that we wouldn't go "there" because tbh I never really fancied him.

    About, erm....five months after meeting and becoming mates we were talking on msn all day (my boss wasn't happy about the internet bill that month), we wree always texting (got £300 phone bills) the way I decribe it to peeople it was like an addiction. I was addicted to that person - it's crazy isn't it?

    The weird thing is, now I'm no great believer in horoscopes or anything but I had just quickly read mine in Cosmo and it basically said something along the lines of "your soulmate has the same ringtone as you and it may surprise you". Well, at the time I used to date quite afew blokes so I would sneakily ask these lads what ringotne they had, I asked my bloke mates, I asked loads of people out of morbid curiosity. And the last person I asked was my h2b and guess what? He had it - how weird is that?! It wasn't a standard one, we'd both downloaded it.

    Now, two houses, one baby girl and a joint bank account later I know I'm set up for life!!

    I just think your dead lucky to meet you soulmate, don't you feel so priviledged?
  • linfinsuttonlinfinsutton Posts: 1,062
    How did you know it was love? Thought i would bring up this topic again, as its nice to write down how you feel and then look back to this topic, when stress overtakes you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • bexy1bexy1 Posts: 394
    i had broken up from a realtionship of 5 years that really broke me was about 10 months after the breakup. i had just come back from a girly holiday with my mates completely happy with my life, my work and content in my own company.....i was prepared to stay single for the rest of my life especially after the destructive relationship i managed to escape. i went clubing with my friends to a cheesy nightclub at somepoint during the night we decided to do a walkabout when suddenly walking in the opposite direction out of the crowd i felt this need to look and there he was......looking straight back at me......i fell in love with him there and then and i hadn't even spoke to him.....i scurried away scared of the overwhelming surge of feelings but he came and found me asked me if he could buy me a drink and the rest they say is history......... love at first site for sure does exist.....cos there was no way i was ready to be looking for another man..... blurgh sorry sickly i know
  • linfinsuttonlinfinsutton Posts: 1,062
    beckydoodah how romantic, i hope those feelings are the same ones you feel now!! Has anyone else got a any stories, which could be put on here to remind us what love is about?
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    H2b and I met at the end of Nov last year (first date was 30th so right at the very end). We saw each other a few times and I thought he was lovely, then I flew out to Dubai for 3 weeks to stay with my sister for Christmas about 2 weeks after we met! While I was in Dubai, he was all I thought about and we were sending stupid amounts of texts while I was gone (came home to a phone bill of over £200!!) I knew when I was in Dubai he was the one for me because I was counting the days until I came home. He met me at the airport (wasn't sure if he'd be there!) and the rest is history! He proposed in April and although everyone said it "isn't it a bit soon" I didn't think twice. I have a 9yr old and they hit it off straight away and I've never been happier. He's my man, can't wait to be his wife and have lots more kids together!!
  • Unlike a lot of people, I don't have one moment but rather lots of little moments: when he took my hand on the way back from the pub after our first 'date'; lying next to him in bed and realising that this was the man I wanted to be the father of my children; surviving two years of communting between Cambridge and Leeds to be together; surviving three years of sleeping in single beds (and still getting just about enough sleep image); seeing him at the end of a freezing cold platform at the Settle train station after being apart for two weeks; teaching him to ski; watching him make one of our two ugly dolls (brand name) dance; getting lost while walking in the Lake District; being quiet with him; sharing the joy of a great theatre performance with him; his smile, especially when he is trying to be cute....I could go on and on. I have collected these memories like pearls on a string and will go on collecting them for as long as we are together, and with these shall we number our days.
  • scoobyduckscoobyduck Posts: 139
    It was love at first sight,

    Me and a mate had just gone throught a rough patch with our fellas. I didn't want anything to do with my ex but my mate didn't know what to do. I took her out for a few drinks in town neither of us particularly dressed up.

    She bumped into her bloke and made things up which left me with his cousin (my h2b) we instantly got on well. When I got home the next morning my mum asked if I met anyone and I went all quiet and couldn't shut up bout him. At which point she said sounds like you have found sum one decent at last.

    A week later he rang me to say he was in glos docks on a mates boat did I want to join them to watch fireworks? I didn't hesitate I was there straight away. I kept thinking put your arm round me and hug me. He didn't as there were a few mates of his. Afterwards we went into town and stroll round docks and he put his arm round me as soon as was of the boat and I went all warm on a cold night at that point I knew.

    Isn't it funny way things work out?
  • Hi,

    Me and my h2b met through a mutual friend in a pub and it was basically love at first sight! we just clicked instantly and were instantly attracted to one another. I know some people may think this is awful but he was engaged to someone at the time (but didn't tell me till later) He said he knew having met me that she wasn't the right one and that he loved me and couldn't help it. i wasn't the one to break them up but we propely got together a few months after that and we haven't looked back. I know he's the one for me and i know he feels the same.

    I didn't believe in love at first sight till i met Neil.

  • saskia87saskia87 Posts: 755
    I knew he was "the one" after a couple of dates and I realised that I felt empty inside when he wasn't around. It was like he came along and completed me and I hate being apart from him. He stood by me like a real man when I was pregnant and couldn't live with him at the time, (I was in sheltered accommodation) he would walk across town to then have to walk with me all the way back, then walk me home again later and have to walk home by himself - and he did that everyday for about 4 months!

    We still feel the same about each other 4 years on, we call each other about 20 time a day! He is also the person I talk to first when something good or bad happens. He makes me laugh and he makes me feel safe.

    He also does everything for me, the little things you don't think about - like waiting up for me and having my dinner ready when I get in from work (I work nights), and he runs me a bath every morning before he leaves for work, he leaves me little notes saying he loves me everywhere like written in the bathroom mirror etc etc....

    I could talk about him all day which is why he's the one I guess! (hope he doesn't read this or his head won't fit in the door)
  • For lots of reasons....

    Because it took a lot of effort to get together in the first place and we still thought it was more than worth it - I worked in South Africa for a while shortly after we met and on my return he turned a job down so we could get to know each other.

    Becuase it just works between us... we had a breakup for a week or so and realised things didn't work without the other one around.

    Because we've survived the stresses of moving house, planning a wedding together, coping with his redundancy at the same time as the wedding and house and still laughed along the way.

    The nervousness and happiness I felt at the start told me it was going to be something special. The way we are together made me realise it was love The things we've lived through together and can still look forward to the next challenge made me realise it's a marriage.

    Tsk... musn't get emotional at work image
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    Jessicam - good grief, that was beautiful!

    Mine is rather pretentious, I'm afraid. As Simone Weil says: "The day, if it ever comes, when you are given true affection there will be no opposition between interior solitude and friendship, quite the reverse." I suppose that after a while I realised that when I was with him, I didn't even feel like there was another person there (for someone whose solitude is incredibly important to them, that was a pretty weird thing for me to think) - and that is my idea of love: "I am not thine, I am a part of thee".

    (Sick bag, anyone?)
  • My heart used to skip a beat every time he walked in the room or kissed me that has worn off a bit now after 5 years together but it makes me tingle inside when he kisses me or strokes my hair or neck or just says love ya babe...Also when i gave birth to our daughter in 2003 he cried when i was in pain and begged me to have some gas and air cus i was being brave (or trying to) and refused all pain relief and he could see it was getting to me and was sobbing which made me realise he loved me more than he let on and knew it was hurtin him seeing me in pain so i did but thing is when my mum who was also there told me to have some she just had a mouthful of abuse from me...naughty i know....But then in feb this year we grew apart and went our seperate ways and i think we lost our love for each other but being apart made us realise therewas no1 else for us and couldnt stand it so got back together after some talks to see where we went wrong and it was because we didnt spend enough time as a couple just me and him it was always me him and the 3 kids (his two and our own daughter) so now we make sure even if its to the pub for a few hours we spend time at least once a week and do you know what life couldnt be any sweeter i love him to bits and we are getting maried and i seriously cannot wait i have got tears stremaing down my face now just writing this...
  • Hum! I think my last post was a result of too much sentimental Victorian fiction! And yours was not pretentious at all, banana_jam, but really lovely! If you got to on this site there is a Celtic vow that says:

    You cannot possess me for I belong to myself

    But while we both wish it, I give you what is mine to give

    I was hoping to incorporate it into my vows but now I think I might go with your quotation instead!

    Suzan, that is a great story. Life is very sweet, isn't it? And, oh, aren't we all lucky!
  • kinainkinain Posts: 72
    I'd been in some passionate, painful and pretty awful relationships when I was younger - and then I spent seven years 'mostly' single. And I loved being single. Not because I could party all the time - but because I found some real peace of mind. I found out exactly who I was and I think I got a lot wiser about my own behaviour and what I expected of other people.

    Then I met him. And he made me laugh so much I couldn't even look at him straight. My stomach ached with laughing so much after spending an evening with him and a mixed group of our friends.

    We met on holiday in Dorset and he tirelessly pursued me. I gave him my number and we kept in touch. Within a month we were seeing each other every other weekend (we lived 130 miles apart). But I still didn't take it seriously. I was still happily living my single life with the exception of his visits.

    After about a year I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. It wasn't a decision or a revelation - I just absolutely knew. Nothing has ever felt that 'right' before. Shortly after, he found a job in my area and moved in with me.

    I am lucky to have lots of people who love me, who support me and who have faith in me - but no one has ever loved, supported and had faith in me like he does.

    He is my family, my best friend and when we're together we are a 'team'. I didn't know that you could share so much - your hopes, your responsibilties, your disappointments - so completely with someone else. I feel as though I finally found out what love is really all about.

    It's also great that four years down the line we still really fancy each other!

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