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Location Help Please!!!

Hello Lovely B2B's!!

Me and my very lovely man got engaged on Friday! We're currently living down south but most of his family and friends are in the East Lancs area and as they all have young kids etc he thinks they wouldn't come down this way so it looks like I'll be a northern bride!

My problem is that I don't know the area and I've had a look online but nothing really grabs me yet - I'd love a country house/castle/mansion type but preferably not one that has been done out in a hotel chain conference style. Budget wise we're flexible but nothing too expensive as the more we spend on the wedding the less we have in the house deposit pot!! I would love it to be October time or if it's all too soon April 2011.

So after my ramble what I'm asking is - can you suggest anywhere??

Thanks all!! xx


  • Ooooh and anything else in the area - photographer, cake maker, dj etc

  • First of all - CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I am also based down South, but fianc???? and I are both from the north-west so we're booking our ceremony and reception in Cheshire. I'm afraid I don't know much about East Lancs, but did have a look at the Lowry in Manchester city centre - from what you've said you want, I don't think you'd like it - you get a function suite in a hotel...

    Sorry not to have more suggestions but enjoy the planning process... it's a little trickier when living so far away but just as much fun!
  • Thank you! Still getting used to the idea!!

    Thanks for the suggestion, it does look very nice....

    Congrats to you too!

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    Hey - I would have a look on or Select an area, find some you like and then go and view them.
  • Hi there,


    Firstly, if you would prefer to hav e avenue down south then dont be worrying about pleasing people who are out of the area. Most people will be more than happy to travel for your special day and it will suprise you how many! We are getting married in Italy and have nearly 100 people paying for themselves to fly over for that so asking them to hop on the M1 isn't a major effort!

    Secondly, I like near Manchester and there are a few venues I could receommend you check out in the Cheshire/Lancashire area.

    It all depends on your budget really but there is a huge amount of choice. My number suggestion would be that you search the internet for any wedding fairs going on up in the Lancashire area and pop up and have a look as most decent venues will attend wedding fairs so you can get a better idea as to what they can offer then.

    You could try Tatton Hall in Chester which is a stunnign country house or for something a bit different there is the country house set inside Chester Zoo - I know that sounds a bit odd but it is truly gorgeous and will certainly be something that your guests will never forget.

    If you want a castle you could look at Leasowe Castle in the Wirral, Cheshire which is very reasonable.

    For a high end budget you coul look at somewhere like Meols Hall or Thornton Manor - but we are talking HIGH END budget.

    A couple that I know but have never seen myself so I cant personally recommend would be Samlesbury Hall in Preston Lancashire and Eaves Hall in Clitheroe.

    I know you said you dont want a major chain hotel style but I would recommend you have a look at the De Vere hotel range as they have a massive range of local country houses that you really couldnt class as "just another chain hotel".

    If you have a search on you will get a more extensive location search than on some other sites that seem to be a little bit biased towards big chain names only.

    Let me know if I can help you any further image
  • I wouldn't recommend Meols Hall - they say its free corkage but you have to pay the caterer and for 6k I'd want more than one room. I don't want to push my guests outside of the room while they do it up - what if it rains?! Where will they go?!
  • Like i said; they are high end budget image
  • Congratulations !

    We got married at Samlesbury Hall in December . It was amazing. Everyone commented on how stunning the venue was and the food was fantastic.The staff were brilliant from start to finish and we thought they were reasonably priced compared to other venues in the area.

    We also looked at Rivington Barn, Mitton Fold Farm, Eaves Hall, Inn at Whitewell, Whalley Abbey and Gibbon Bridge Hotel.

    There is no accomodation at Samlesbury, but all our guests stayed at the Tickled Trout just down the road. They did us special rates at £59 per double.

    Hope you find somewhere you like.
  • Gosh all you girls are so lovely - thank you for the replies!! LillyB -I have looked at Samlesbury Hall and I think it looks fab, I also like the fact that they do corkage and I love all the history about it too!

    Hubby to be is from St Helens so I didn't want to stray too far from there, thinking it doesn't make sense to have it up North then make the locals travel far but I can't see anything nice in the area, plus we have been doing the numbers and it looks like at the most we'll have 60 so whilst on the one hand we can spend a bit more per head I'm worried we'll be in some massive venue and it'll look half empty.

    I do really like the idea of somewhere different MrsHorner2B - thanks for the zoo suggestion, I wouldn't have thought of that so will check it out - also thanks for the idea of local wedding fayres, again didn't think of it. I feel such a novice at all this!!

    I just really want to get the venue sorted so we have a date and can arrange everything else so thank you all for your suggestions, they are all really helpful and I appreciate you taking the time!!

    Wishing you all lots of love and happiness on your special days!! xx

  • You are very welcome hun.

    The only reason I have so many ideas is because I had been searching for a local venue for over a year before giving up and opting to have the whole thing in Italy.

    The Chester Zoo venue is called Oakfield Manor. The webste itself doesnt give alot of information but if you request a brochure they will send one out with a lot more info ( its the only place we would have chosen in the end if we had stayed in this country). It looks fabulous and there is so much you can do there - they have summer eveing safari BBQs where your weding party get an extra special VIP tour of your chosen sections of the Zoo!

    Anyhow. The best of luck with whatever you choose. I am sure it will be fabulous.

    Make sure you keep us up to date xx
  • Hi

    I live in St Helens and 2 be honest hun ur unlikely to find any of the venues u had in mind within the area. I wanted a simular style to you nothing 'conference looking' I have booked Peckforton castle in Cheshire which is 40 mins from St Helens straight down the M6

    Check it out hun it is amazing!!!!!! x
  • 4 got to say that from my house the castle is off M6 in direction of birmingham/london so it will be closer for ur relatives than St Helens x
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