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September or October???

Hello everyone-

We thought we were relatively settled on a date, but on doing some honeymoon research (we are thinking of Peru atm) the weather there is significantly better in October than September... so are considering a date of October 1st instead of September 10th. Not sure what to do though- weatherwise in the UK is it really worth risking for a couple of degrees warmer in Lima?Has anyone got an opinion/experience? We were planning a marquee reception, and can't really change that unless we reconsider our entire venue plan! Will it be warm enough?

Thankyou xxx


  • GemD81GemD81 Posts: 333
    My sister had her wedding 25th of October and to be honest it was freezing. Everyone in the outdoor group shots were all wearing their coats and us bridesmaids clearly looked frozen in the pictures. It also started drizzling which I know can happen at any time of year but when it is cold to start with it doesn't help.

    I suppose you would have to find out what the heating situation would be like in the marquee
  • personally i would prob keep wedding in september and still have honeymoon in october - it gives you the best of both worlds in terms of weather for both events and it gives you something else to look forward to after wedding day x
  • I am getting married abroad and having a party on 2 October for everyone back here...and we decided we had to book an indoor venue as we had been thinking about a marquee in the grounds of my grandfather's house, but thought it would be too cold/too wet for this. My dad had a marquee when he got married in July last year and it rained all day, and it just made the whole experience really uncomfortable!! The chance of it being cold and rainy is higher in October, so I would second what dawnandsteve said above, keep wedding in September and honeymoon in October!!
  • MrsCoe2bMrsCoe2b Posts: 150
    Our wedding is on the 25th of september and we are not having our honeymoon untill january or something but seeing as i wanted to get away after the wedding we are having a minimoon to Cornwall in this amazing hotel

    so maybe going on a short break straight after will be an option for u?

    also as pointed out by someone else i think oct will be colder than september,mind u this is Britain who knows image
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