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Church or registry office?

Hey ladies,

I was just wodnering what everyone's views where.

I like the idea of a church wedding because there are some lovely churches in essex but on the other hand myself and H2B aren't overly religious.

There is a registry office in Braintree which I think looks really nice bit i'm not sure if its really what I want.

I've been twoing and frowing and I think if I can't just choose one and stick with it H2B will prob throttle me.

Thanks x


  • MrsSCMrsSC Posts: 106
    I know lots of people do it but if you're not religious then why get married in a church?! You have to make the most important promises of your life and if you do that in a church then you are making promises about God as well. I just think it's hypocritical if you don't believe.

    Its not just a choice between registry office and church there are lots of registered premises where you can can married too. Your local council website should have a list of them.

    I hope that helps. Good luck with choosing.
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I'm one of the first to come on threads like this and criticize those who seek a Church wedding if they're not believers.

    But simons.sammy07 doesn't say she's a non-believer - she says that she & her partner aren't "overly religious". I could be wrong, but I take this to mean they're not Church attenders but do have some element of personal religious faith.

    The Church of England's own website states that you don't have to be baptized OR a Church attender to be married in Church so they can still consider a Church wedding if they wish .....

    It's true, spring chicken, that there are lots of other attractive venues where civil ceremonies may take place (known as "approved premises" and simons.sammy07 may well opt for one of these but they're VERY expensive. A Church wedding is generally more expensive than a Register Office ceremony (though not excessively so) but a civil wedding on "Approved premises" is massively more expensive than a Church wedding. Budget may not necessarily be a problem for this particular couple but for many couples it is an important deciding factor.

    Many Register Offices are beautiful too - listed buildings in some cases so don't feel that you'll get somewhere of less architectural beauty than a Church. At the end of the day, simons.sammy07 - it's YOUR choice!

    Good luck with your plans and with finding a venue that suits you both AND suits your pocket!

    Bamba xx
  • Thank you both for your replies.

    Bamba you got it in one. Moeny is an object and the reason as to why approved premises are out of the question.

    I attend church on remembrance Sunday and some xmas services and I am christened but no I am not an avid church goer.

    Thank you for your thoughts x
  • I have a dilemma.... H2b was brought up as a catholic however now does not attend church and has reservations in his belief.. My parents did not bring me up religiously, I am christened however the only time I went to Church was through school ( My mum was brought up Catholic but had doubts and reservations in her belief and so decided to not bring us up with religion.) However, I feel it important to be married in God's eyes as I have certain beliefs and would like to bring my children up with religion in their lives. So although I would like to be amrried in a church, I think I am being hypocritical and I am also worried that I would be taking vows with H2B who would rather not be in a church. He says he would get married wherever I want to though.

    I'm not sure what to do know. Help!
  • Me and my hubby to be had to get married in church as getting married anywhere else wouldnt have felt like a proper wedding to us however, we werent church goers at all but havin chosen a church outside of the parish we live in we have to attend several services beforehand, anyway we go every other week now and i must admit we both quite like going and will probably keep going once we get married x

    As for the cost - we found civil ceremonies to be cheaper than the church but more expensive than registry office.
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