HI any Brides to be in Somerset??

HI, i'm new to this and wondered if there was any B2B from Somerset on here. We've set our date for 22/10/2011. I was wondering if any one had any ideas on colours. My H2B is Scottish so am considering combining the family tartan colour with my colour scheme, which is a deep purple. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Many thanks xx:\)


  • Hi Loppy Loo

    I'm getting Married in Somerset too in September this year!

    Get some swatches id suggest see how they look together - what is his tartan?

    where are you getting wed?
  • Hi there, Its Makenzie so main colour is green with red and yellow through it.

    Thats a good idea hadn't thought of that. Were getting married in North cadbury, grew up there and all my family married there so keeping up the tradition. Plus it's a beautiful church.

    How about urself? x
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