Anyone getting married at Eastington Hall???

hi I recently got engaged and weve pretty much decided on Eastington Hall in the cotswolds for 2011. Has anyone been married/had their reception there or going to? Would love to hear your thoughts and stories!!


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    I'm getting married there in August 2012! its gorgeous isn't it!!
  • I'm getting married there in July this year!! Can't wait! I hadn't bothered mentioning it on this site as I was sure noone else would know it because it's so new!

    I've heard they've changed the setup for weddings now though. Apparently you can only book for 1 day/24hrs and have to use their catering and services.

    We're getting married in the house and having the whole reception there. Just dealing with all the RSVPs and room bookings now - am amazed how quickly it's been booked up!
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    Yeah i heard that from someone too, but not from them. Fortunately we booked ages ago so got the weekend booking!! few! They've got a new venue now they gave us some discount if we paid part off so have paid most of it now too. Hope your nearly sorted! Let me know how it all goes!!
  • image Not happy with Eastington Hall
  • Can't believe Eastington Hall have cancelled all of their weddings!!!!!!!!! image
  • Can you tell me more? We are due to get married there in 2012
  • I found at through word of mouth that eastington have ceased trading, managed to get in touch with them yesterday and yes my wedding and all weddings have been cancelled, although they said they are trying to come up with a solution to keep it going and have asked that we give them 10 days to try and come up with a solution, but to be honest I have lost all faith in them and am desperatley trying to find some where else to hold my april wedding, am not happy at all.

    Is anyone else in the same situation? image
  • Yes I'm in the same situation altho I only found out that there was a problem thru a friend who was looking at this forum on this website so I have no idea about the situation apart from what's written on here! My wedding is in April too. Could be interesting..... I wish that we did not find out thru this forum and that they should have written us a letter about it. I'm extremely disappointed with them. We will be ringing them on Monday to find out what the situation is. We only went there a few weekends ago to look at the venue again to get more ideas for flowers etc and NOTHING was said to us about it then...
  • We're in the same position. Booked in for August 2012 so have slightly longer to rearrange than some of you, but very disappointed. I was phoned up by Gloucestershire Council and told that weddings had been cancelled and to get in touch with Eastington. We thought the company must have gone bust to begin with, but have since found out that the lady who owns the house no longer wants weddings to be held there. All very strange - not sure what kind of contract Aspire had with them or how long this has been going on for.

    Part of me hopes that they will re-negotiate with the owner of the hall, but on the other hand I'm not sure our confidence can be restored now and what's to say the same thing won't happen closer to the date next year.

    Is anyone going for their alternative venues? I much prefer Eastington! image
  • My wedding was booked for 11th February at Eastington Hall and I, as most of you have, only found out when the registrar called to tell me last week (which by the way, Aspire Venues were not happy about them doing, so god only knows when they were planning on telling us!). I have received a couple of emails from Aspire Venues, but only after we complained and threatened them with going to the local papers image (seems someone else beat us to that as I saw it in The Citizen today and it's due in the Stroud News this week!).

    James from Aspire told me the owner of the building has withdrawn their lease but that they have received an offer and are CONSIDERING their options and that we should wait to hear from them within ten days. Unfortunately with our wedding being Valentines weekend (very hard to find an available venue) and now less than three months away, we don't have the luxury of waiting for them to pull their finger out so we have had to find an alternative venue and pay another deposit before we've had our original deposit returned to us, and it would appear now I have left Aspire a message confirming this, they are avoiding my calls again.

    According to a local hotel who has been receiving enquiries about upcoming weddings as a result of Eastington Hall's issues, the other venue they are offering isn't even up and running yet so quite why they're offering it as an alternative I don't know image

    So my next step is to give notice again. The registrar I spoke to this morning told me some people have had to completely cancel their weddings as they didn't have time to give notice for the new venue image

    This has left such a bad taste on our mouths and even if Eastington Hall does get back up and running, we won't be getting married there. I think the way they've dealt with this has been terrible image
  • I'm really glad other people have posted what they are doing on here. We are due to be getting married at Eastington Hall in March, and like everyone else, am now unsure of what to do and whether they can be trusted, even if they do manage to renegociate the contract.

    Why on earth did they take bookings when the lease for 2012 had not yet been agreed though?

    It's going to be a long week waiting to here news so it would be great if anyone hears anything if they post it on here.

    We have turned down the alternative venue as it does not suit our needs, and have looked in to alternatives. We have found somewhere, but of course the costs are high, and unfortunately a lot of our guests had already booked hotels near to Eastington Hall.

    I think it is absolutely disgusting that we had to hear this from word or mouth or the registrars (thank god they called everyone, we'd probably still be in the dark now!) and I think they are dealing with the situation incredibly badly.

    I feel so sorry for anyone due to be getting married in December, and I hope those afterwards manage to get something else sorted.

    I did see an article on thisisgloucesterhire which had a comment from Rickerbys LLP confirming that they are in talks with Aspire, on behalf on the owner. At least this part of the story is true...I was wondering if it wasn't because we had asked for our money back.
  • I was due to be getting married there in August 2012 and i found out Tuesday 15th just after a final length dress fitting image that put a downer on things! Found out through a friend of a friend due to get married in Jan.

    Im really worried at the moment as we got sent a cancellation email on that Tuesday and said we didn't want their alternative, they promised a refund to us by Thursday. We went ahead and found somewhere new. There were only 3 options out of about 20+ we contacted! we booked the venue on Thursday, contacted photographer etc. When we didnt get our money on the thursday I contacted them on Friday in an email stating we expected it back by tuesday (they say in their contract 7 days). Then I got an email saying they were considering other options, not to cancel anything etc!!!! I emailed back straight away to say no we have re booked somewhere we are due our money and since then i've had no response!

    I've sort the help of the local citizen advice bureau and they should have got the letter today but still no response to email by James. I managed to speak to a lady at aspire who has promised that the money will be refunded but i really dont believe them! The friend of a friend getting married in Jan has been told they won't commit to giving refunds?!

    Sooooo stressed and worried image
  • Anyone else received the email from them? I just got one from lorraine saying weddings are going ahead and a different company are taking over everything at Eastington hall and the new company will be in touch soon. Think its a generic email?
  • Yes, we've received the email too so it must have been sent to everyone.

    We've still got a lot of questions to ask them, but it does sound promising. The new company will apparently be contacting us early next week so we'll quiz them in more detail then and see what's going on.
  • I have had that email tonight too! Am feeling very confused but hopefully with the owners taking it back it might be better? I will need to be reassured and given prove that my wedding will go ahead before I commit . What's everyones views? image
  • I've had the email as well and have sent a reply to Lorraine.

    I'm in the same situation as you 2bsadler, we'd already found a new venue and put down the deposit prior to receiving the email saying not to cancel anything! I've got 11 weeks until my big day so really didn't have the luxury of waiting to see what happened. I've been trying to contact James on a daily basis and haven't had anything back except the same email as you ladies. I'm pretty angry with the whole situation and have told them I'll consider taking the legal route if they don't refund our deposit. I'll let you know when I hear anything!
  • I got a reply today from Lorraine saying "at no point did aspire state that your booking had been cancelled".. and bascically they will not be giving us a refund. However they have said that any deposits paid to new venues they will refund, receipts etc need to be given. If we wish to continue and cancel the wedding the cancellation charges will apply and it will be with the new company.

    slippery horrible company!!!

    I don't know what to do!!! I dont know what i prefer, what i would rather do... part of me thinks I would rather the new venue because i have a bad feeling about going back to Eastington. We have legal protection with our wedding insurance so we are going to call them tomorrow and see where they think we stand.

    I think we would win the case if we went to court but it's whether we want a court case hanging over us whilst we are arranging the wedding. Plus we would be £6000 down in the wedding pot!

    ARG! image
  • This is a link to a page that the citizen advice bureau has told me about:

    It tells you what steps you need to take before taking court action and so on. theres other bits about small claims and so on
  • 2bsadler... Again I've had the same email as you image I can't believe the nerve! To me, saying weddings will no longer be held at Eastington Hall is cancelling, how can they try and worm their way out of it?!

    I've been having a read of my initial contract and think I may have found a little loophole as they seem to have incorrectly referenced some of the clauses. I'm going to be going to the CAB in the next few days so will let you know if I have any joy.
  • I agree - surely the sentence 'It is with much regret that I write to inform you that as of 30th November 2011, due to circumstances outside of our control, Aspire Venues Ltd will no longer be operating at Eastington Hall' means weddings are cancelled, especially with their initial offer to help you find another venue. I think they'll have to give your deposit back, especially if you booked the alternatives in the 2-3 days between the first email and the second telling us to wait and see.

    There is also the assumption that we will all not mind switching to an entirely different company without any details and not having met them - I would have thought they were unable to transfer the contract we have with aspire to a different company without our permission. Even though they said they'll honour our contract, we have no idea what they'll be like and they may have plans to change the hall decor and food etc before our weddings.

    The new company name was also registered at the end of September this year so it seems as though this may have been on the cards for a couple of months. What a nightmare!
  • We had a wedding booked for next August and have re-arranged due to whats happened.

    Aspire have £8.3k of ours and Lorraine is playing hard-ball.

    I have been in contact with Eastington Park LLP directors and despite Aspire trying to wash their hands of us they are lying.

    I quote...

    Whilst Eastington Hall will be continuing to operate as a wedding venue, I am afraid that your contract remains with Asprive Venues and you will need to discuss your plans for a cancellation with them.

    I am shocked by Lorraine's two faced attitude. We met her at Brockley Combe to discuss and she seemed to be the one helping - not now!

    I will be on the phone to Wedding Lawyers as part of our insurance in an hours time.

    Happy to share information gathered / ideas with other couples in the same situation. Maybe a class action lawsuit will scare her into coughing up?!

    If anyone wants to please feel free to email me @ [email protected]
  • Hey all, I've been onto my wedding insurance as i have legal cover and I've started a new claim with DAS legal. I've also had advice from family members who know a little bit about this sort of thing and everything aspire seem to be doing is to scare us into using Eastington again.

    My email from Lorraine definitely says any cancellation is to be taken up with the new owners! I wouldn't be surprised if the new owners have no idea about what aspire have been emailing us.

    I've also noticed that in the contract we were given section 9 is no where to be seen although Lorraine is using it in her letters... tut tut!
  • Hi all,

    I am also due to get married at Eastington Hall in April 2012 and I am completely disgusted in the way that this situation has been handled.

    Has anyone been in contact with the owners of Eastington Hall who will now supposably be running our weddings? Every time I have tried to call Aspire venues over the past two weeks I either get voicemails or a very unhelpful member of staff who tells me there is no one there that can help me.

    This is supposed to be the happiest day of our lives that we are planning and I don't know about the rest of you but it just feels like a nightmare... which is getting progressively worse every day!

    If anyone is able to share any advice or information they receive it would be greatly appreciated.
  • The new owners of Eastington seem reasonable now but its hard to tell what to believe in these web of lies!!!

    Email me if you want details for the new owners.
  • Hi All

    Paul, I have just emailed you for details of the new owners as we haven't yet had contact from them and I'd really like to speak to them for some reassurance.

    I asume you have decided to go ahead with your wedding at Eastington Hall? Is it completely new owners, or just Aspire setting up a different company name?

    I'm due to get married early next year, so keen to hear everyone elses decisions, and how safe you think it is to stick with Eastington Hall etc. We currently have another venue held, but have not paid a deposit so need to make a decision as to what to do.

    Also, as far as I am aware, as your contract remains with Eastington Hall, as they are no longer running the venue, you cannot be forced into a contract with the new owners - you have signed nothing with them.

    The way they've dealt with the situation definitely has not helped.

    Not sure what to do, and need to make a decision soon. We want to speak, meet with, and establish a new contract with the new owners before going forward.
  • Yes, think we all need to meet with the new owners and find out who they are, what their plans are and what our contract would be / is? It's all very disorganised.

    For 2bSadler in case it helps, we do have a section 9 in our contract - but importantly also a section 8a which I thought would have applied when they sent us the first email stating 'due to circumstances outside of our control...' and to say transfer to another venue or get a refund.


    Aspire Venues Ltd may cancel the booking under the following circumstances:

    (a) Aspire Venues Ltd or any part of it is closed due to circumstances outside its control;

    (b) If the Client becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation or receivership;

    (c) If the Client is more than 14 days in arrears with any payments to Aspire Venues Ltd;

    (d) To avoid a breach of these conditions:

    In the event of cancellation by Aspire Venues Ltd, all monies paid by the client will be returned within 7 days of notification.


    (a) Cancellations over 9 months in advance - deposit forfeited.

    (b) Cancellations between 6 months and 9 months - 50% of total anticipated charges;

    (c) Cancellations between 3 months and 6 months advance - 75% of total anticipated charges;

    (d) Cancellations less than 3 months in advance - 100% of total anticipated charges;

    (e) All bookings are non transferable. Monies paid cannot be transferred to another date or event.

    (f) Deposits are non refundable and non transferable at any time.
  • I would also like to highlight the following section in the T&Cs paying particular attention to (ii) and (iii):

    11 GENERAL

    (i) Aspire Venues Ltd, Eastington Hall will take all reasonable steps to fulfil the booking to the best of its ability and in accordance with the details provided. However, it reserves the right to provide alternative services of at least an equivalent standard at no additional cost to the Client and the Client shall have no claim in respect of such alternative service.

    (ii) This contract is non-assignable by the Client and shall be governed in all respects by English law. Only the contractual parties to this Agreement shall have any recourse under the terms of this contract.

    (iii) No variation of these conditions shall be effective unless in writing and signed on behalf of Aspire Venues Ltd, Eastington Hall by both the Managing Director and the Client.
  • Hi ladies,

    Am in same boat as many of you, getting married in March, we didn't want the offer of alternative venue so asked for a refund that I was told was processed Weds and would be in bank at end of week, still not there.

    Have tried to call them all day and no luck sent emails and got no where. Getting me down now, supposed to be enjoyable planning big day. We had alternative venue all sorted too so was back to looking forward to the big day. image
  • I have those points in there but in different numbers?

    I will just have to see what the legal team says but either way it's been handled badly. I'm sure the new venue will work hard to give those who have a wedding there the best but for me I can't stomach it and don't want to mess around the new venue who have been great.

    The new owners run hotels in portugal and I would expect that the problems are more aspire than them. I think people just have to go with their gut feeling and do what you want, not what you feel pushed into doing. At the end of the day as long as I get married that's all that matters image it's just not going to be at Eastington Hall.

    If I hear more I will let you all know.
  • So I've been to the CAB this morning and have also spoken to Consumer Direct. What they've said to do is to write a detailed complaint and send it in the post rather than email directly to Lorraine and to give them a deadline by which to refund the deposit as we believe they are in breach of contract. So that's my next step, but Consumer Direct did say if that doesn't get me anywhere to call them back and they will refer me to Trading Standards.

    Has anyone been in touch with Eastington Park LLP? The CAB said they had seen someone this morning who had received a letter from them but I haven't received anything yet.
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