How many are you havin to the day and to the night??


  • Alex01ukAlex01uk Posts: 124
    We will be having approx 100 al thourghout. Its all the same venue and the only people i want at any point are people who are close to us so didn't see the point in doing it seperatly.
  • Currently 89 are coming to the day and then another 45 have so far been invited to the evening but this might grow!! x
  • LauraBeeeLauraBeee Posts: 19
    Think we're going to have around 65 for the day and 100 or so for night.
  • fraggle11fraggle11 Posts: 1,683
    100 for the day and 180-200 for the evening
  • gail21ukgail21uk Posts: 92
    we're thinking about 55 for the day, and about 100 for the evening
  • linzh7linzh7 Posts: 89

    We are having about 120 for the day (although finding it hard to stick to that at the moment!!) and another 80 or so at night. xx
  • We've got 81 for the day and another 50ish for the evening. Enough for a good party in the evening, but should hopefully get to have a chat with everyone during the day.
  • We are having 50 to the day, and around 100 to the evening.
  • dattydatty Posts: 260
    approx 50 for day and 100 - 120 for evening, mainly due to room restirctions in the day image
  • Polaruk1Polaruk1 Posts: 722
    140 to the day and an extra 80 in the evening - we have large families!
  • MezCMezC Posts: 563
    70 for the day and only one or two more for the evening.
  • MrsBegley2bMrsBegley2b Posts: 263
    110 in the day and 150 at night
  • We are only having 40 adults (and 10 children under 12) to the day time and then roughly 50 more to the evening do, intimate wedding is what we are going for.
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    70 ish in the day and another 50 ish in the evening
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    We are having 80-90 and no extra evening guests. Like Alexandria we only want people close to us and like the idea of being able to relax at the evening part, enjoy our guests company and think that we may not be able to relax fully with having to welcome / chat to lots of new people.
  • We are having 65 for day and 150 for evening
  • gail21ukgail21uk Posts: 92
    50 to the day, and about another 50 to the evening.
  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497
    we are having veryone to the whole thing so approx 180-200. x
  • MrsZogMrsZog Posts: 1,241
    We had 25 during the day and 175 in the evening.
  • Looking at 140 for the day and up to 200 for the evening! H2B is half Irish so has a HUGE family, really hikes the cost up but nothing we can do!
  • We're having 40 to the day and 100 to the evening image
  • around 50 for the whole day for us... just a small gathering but it will be nice that I will recognise everybody.
  • Coconut-5Coconut-5 Posts: 70
    I'm the same as a few of the others 100 to the whole day. I figured that if we weren't inviting people to the day event then we acutally weren't too bothered about inviting them and it will be nice just having the same people all day. Very relaxed day image
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