16th april arrr help

we i thought we had a date set we really want to get married on the 16th april 2011 i just been to the church to book this but have find out its in the middle of easter and its lent so cant hold it in the church. We not got a huge budget that why i was thinkin of the church but now it looks like a no go anyone help advice needed asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Thats a bummer, we are 16th April too but havent had a problem getting the minister from my church to perform the service. We are in Scotland though, so it might be different x
  • Next year Easter is Sunday 24th April. Are you getting married in a Catholic church? We are and our priest said it would be fine to get married during Lent it's just between Maunday Thursday and Easter Sunday you can't get married.
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    We are getting married that day but are having a civil ceremony and that seems to be ok!
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    opps pressed post before had finished typing!! I have a friend who got married during lent this year and she had to have special permission from the vicar but it all worked out fine on the condition that she cleared out all the flowers asap cause it was a solem time for the church!!!
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    we thought we would have the same problem too as we wanted the 16th april 2011 in a catholic church. When we spoke to the priest he didnt seem to mind at all, we think it could be because sundays palm sunday which is a celebtration. Have you asked him if theres any way you could get it ok'd?I know we cant have many flowers in the church but thats really the only stipulation we had, oh that and wedding classes and a full day courseimageWe couldnt do any other date as i'm a teacher and didnt want to get married then go straight to work on mondays.
  • i don't understand why they can't hold a wedding in the church just because it's lent?

    normally, it just means you can't have flowers.

    although, having said that, our church allwos you to have flowers as long as you remove them straight afterwards.

    what did they say to you?

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    Hi Racy84,

    Friends at the weekend got engaged and want to get married April next year too. Any update form your situation as I mentioned the Lent issue to them and it went down like a led balloon.

  • Hi, we're 16th April next year (a year today, woo hoo!) and we've got our CofE church booked with no problems. We were told we couldn't leave any flowers in the church but can bring some arrangements and take them with us when we leave after the ceremony.

    Maybe it varies from parish to parish?
  • I didn't have any problems either and I am getting married on Easter Sunday... But we were told that this was a special exception because we attend this church regularly and also had to agree to no decorations.

    Maybe if you tell them that you are willing to have as short a ceremony as they need and won't decorate (to take up as little of their time as possible) they will be willing to make an exception for you?
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    well we not had any luck with the church on this date so we noow going to do it june 16th 2012
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