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Any brides from West Yorkshire?



  • I'm in Leeds. Getting married at the Otley Chevin Lodge Hotel in April 2011.

    1950sglambride - your dress sounds fab image I want a 50s style swing dress type dress for my wedding but have no idea where to look image
  • I'm hoping to get some in blue and clear, but I'm worried I'll end up with too much on the tables. I think I need to sit and think about exactly what I want on each one. I don't want them looking too full!
  • saz2010saz2010 Posts: 45
    Hi girls

    I'm in Halifax but getting married in the lake district this october. I you are all so organised! image

    calico - i would absolutely take as many photos as you can. When we first viewed our venue we didn't and when we went back a few weeks ago i was quite surprised how different it was to the picture i had in my head, but in a good way lol x x
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    hi claudibird and saz2010! I cant believe Ive found so many west yorkshire brides so quickly! x
  • calicopink - Ive only been away 2 mins and look at all the west yorkshire brides you have found. Your wedding sounds like it is going to be very pink! image

    Claudibird - That venue is gorgeous. My friend got married there in Jan. I think we are going to stay there on our wedding night as our venue doesn't have accomodation. I can't wait to get my dress. There are quite a few places to get 50's style dresses. It depends on your budget. I'm getting mine from Dolly couture, but you could also try Candy antony, Whirlingtonturban, vivien of holloway, unique vintage, fir coat no knickers, or you could try a local seemstress. I'm sure there are loads more websites you could try.

  • Calicopink - I think my wedding has a mixture of tradition, but with a few unconventional twistsimage I definitely want my wedding to reflect our personalities and stand out from the rest! How about you?
  • I think we viewed almost everywhere in the Yorkshire boundary! ha ha Our top 5 were - Newfield Hall (which we booked) Oulton hall, Allerton Castle, Walton Hall and The Bridge. I will be going up this weekend to give them the deposit so will try take a few photos.

    Our wedding will be traditional in the day but we are having a civil ceremony, then a big party with fire dancers etc at night.

    I'm having a fishtail / mermaid dress which I am getting made for me as my friend runs a bridal company and I'll be getting the bridesmaid dresses from there too.

    I've bought a few little bits but they were really to use at my engagement party and I just made sure I could re use them at the wedding. I did white feather centrepieces so I will use them for the evening. x
  • misssparrowmisssparrow Posts: 694
    Hi Ladies!

    I'm a west yorkshire bride too, we're getting married on 22nd Oct 2010 at Ilkley Church and then we're having our reception at the Devonshire Arms near Bolton Abbey! Not long now at all...for all those still thinking they have loads of time, it goes SO quickly!

    Wish this thread was around when i was reception planning, i never knew some of the places you're having even exsisted!

    I'm another Bingley bride image

  • Hi MissSparrow you are getting married the day before me!! image

    The devenshire arms is a fab venue, I remember coming across it when we were searching for venues, but it's a bit beyond our very small budget!

    I do do a lot of work in Bingley. Which part of bingley do you live in?

    I know what you mean about it going fast! Are you very organised? What else have you got sorted apart from the venue?

  • delijonesdelijones Posts: 171
    anyone got any suppliers they can reccomend or that have been recommended to them? Be good if we could start our own dates list toimage
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    1950sglambride- we're having a few trditional things with a few more personal touches too. I didn't want a sit down meal because I want it to be more informal, so we're getting mrried at 3pmish (not quite decided yet!) at the registry office and then going onto the hotel for a (hopefully!) outdoor cocktail party and canapes etc, then leading straight through to the evening reception. Not decided if we're going to have a hot and cold buffet or a BBQ yet, the cost is about the same so I can't even use that to help us decide! Oh and I'm the only one doing a speech!

    I love the sound of having fire dancers Mrsjeffreystobe!

    Hi Misssparrow- not long to go for you now! Bet your getting so excited and welcome to our little group lol! image
  • Calicopink - We are going for the traditional sit down meal (again couldn't quite persuade hubby2b) I wanted a more informal buffet so people could mingle. Our speeches will be less traditional though. I'm doing a speech and so is my chief bridesmaid, FIL2B and anybody else who wants to say a few words! We are walking into the ceremony together, not cutting cakes, throwing bouquet or having a greeting line. Our oufits are quite relaxed to, just going to let bestmen and ushers wear what they want, bridemaids are picking their own outfits and i'm wearing a short dress. I'm making pretty much everything and I have requested the services of friends and family where I can (cake maker, seamstress, dj, band, photographer, driver, hair and make-up)image
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    I'd feel really embarrassed doing a greeting line. All the guests are family or friends who I have known for year, so I'd feel a bit of a plonker to be honest! I'm not throwing my bouquet either, but thats more because I want to keep my flowers!
  • I want to keep my flowers too. Im not have real flowers, I'm making them from satin, tulle and buttons so theres no way i'm throwing them image

  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    We've been to our venue this morning to pay the deposit and have another look around. It was all set up ready for a wedding and it looked gorgeous! So different to how it looked 2 weeks ago when we first went up to have a look. And the weather is so nice so the gardens and patio area looked beautiful, its mdae me even more excited now!
  • hi ladies, I'm from and work in Bradford but currently living in Brighouse.

    Getting married may 2011 at cedar court wakefield image xxx
  • Hi!!

    I am a South Yorkshire bride, but getting married in West Yorkshire.......does that count???

    We are getting married at the same place as Princess Kate - oulton hall, in November 2010! Not long now!

    I am fairly organised, but one thing I have not done is Flowers......does anyone have any recommendations of Florists in the Leeds area? any help would be great - thanks

    Kate x
  • I'm from Wakefield and getting married in April 2011. I've got my dress but I haven't done anything else yet, it's a very small wedding and it all seems a bit overwhelming at the moment!
  • TillyTots10TillyTots10 Posts: 140
    were getting married 14th august 2010 at bagden hall, huddersfield. Our colour scheme is also Hot Pink and Black! Good choice image
  • laura616laura616 Posts: 57
    I'm from leeds, we are getting married 4th June 2011 also at Bagden hall cannot wait! have been very organized and booked quite a lot already- starting the dress hunt in a couple of weeks x
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi to all you new Yorkshire brides, I still can't believe I've had a such a big response to my post!

    TillyTots10 - Great minds obviously think alike!

    I can't believe that we're (nearly) all getting married within the space of a few months of each other too!image
  • FidgetFidget Posts: 3
    Hi all West Yorkshire brides.

    I've just found this post and can't believe how many brides there are near me! I'm getting married this September and having the reception at Hollins Hall Hotel in Baildon. After living in the area all my life I never even realised there was a wedding venue at Esholt. It sounds lovely! Good luck with the planning everyone! x
  • tatty29tatty29 Posts: 34
    Hi I have only just found this post.

    I am getting married 3rd december 2010. Getting married in local church then venue at calverley golf club. Getting married at 4pm so will be dusky/dark and can walk down the aisle to candles and fairylights!!!
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Hello ladies!

    I'm from West Yorkhire too - i live in Crossflatts, Bingley! Was brought up in Nab Wood though for those of you that know it??

    We're going up to Gretna Green to get married, hopefully next year image We're booking it in July all being well. The plan then is to have a big evening reception when we get back (taking close family and friends with us to Gretna though) - get to wear my dress twice!! lol.

    I have just been on the Old Barn website as we need a nice venue for our evening reception, would never have even thought of there so you'll have to let us know how it goes!! If anybody can recommend anywhere that would be great image

    How exciting, so many local brides!! xxxx Kelly xxxx
  • We live just outside Halifax, but we're getting married in May 2011 at York Maze.

    I searched and searched and searched for a West Yorks venue but couldn't find one that would allow everyone to camp, bring the dogs etc!!!

    We should have a West Yorks meet up??????!!!

  • Ooh forgot to mention, my bridesmaids will be in black with hot pink sashes, and I have a pair of hot pink Louboutins for my ceremony (before I change into my wellies image )
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi all you new West Yorkshire brides! I can't believe that 3 of you live so near to me, I live in Eccleshill!

    Aspinall2b, I work in Shipley and go to Greens gym, and I never knew there was a wedding venue in Esholt either!

    Zoe-in-yorkshire - I def agree that we should all meet up sometime. Getting married at York Maze sounds fab!
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    And another black and hot pink colour scheme too, same as me!
  • The wedding venue in Esholt is The old barn restaurant or Ghyll beck driving range - We had our engagement party there this March, it was perfect!!

    I've just started looking into how I go about arranging the registrar but with our wedding been in 2012 I can only make a provisional booking, anyone else know where to start with this?

  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Ah yes, I know it as Ghyll Beck, but never heard of it being called The Old Barn.

    I've not been able to even pencil in our date with the registrar for next year! I keep ringing every week to see if someone will take pity on me/get sick of me and let me book, but it hasn't happened yet!

    I'm just looking at honeymoons at the moment, trying to find a bargain!
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