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Any brides from West Yorkshire?



  • nicolac34nicolac34 Posts: 738
    Hello West Yorkshire brides!

    I'm originally from Wetherby so we are having our church ceremony in Church Fenton and then the reception at Rudding Park near Harrogate on the 31st of October 2010. Living in Windsor now, so is quite interesting trying to arrange it from a distance!
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    I bet that is difficult nicolac34. I don't envy you having to try and organise things from 200 miles away! A halloween wedding too! Are you having a spooky theme?!

  • princesskatesprincesskates Posts: 239
    WhiteRose - exciting that I have a venue twin!! Which room are you in? I can't wait - wish it was this year, not next!

    Didn't see your post earlier, but if you're still looking for a Florist, we've gone with Chrissie at Horticouture who seems so lovely, and her work is amazing!!

  • nicolac34nicolac34 Posts: 738
    Lol - no spooky theme I'm afraid! We were originally going to get married at a different venue on the 16th of October, but had a change of heart when we saw Rudding Park. The 31st was the only date that worked with everyone we'd already booked (as 16th wasn't available) and my CBM being on holiday for 3 weeks of October!

    We've managed to do most things now I think, going up next weekend to have a hair trial and then up again in June to have my make-up trial. We're getting plenty of Shell points in petrol!! image
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    I googled your venue, it looks beautiful! I wish I only had 5 months til my wedding, next August seems like such a long way awayimage

    What colours etc are you having?
  • MrsWaters2BMrsWaters2B Posts: 100
    1950sglambride we are date buddies. I too am the 23/10/10 in Halifax West Yorkshire.

    calicopink I too have been married before and in my early 30's! Got to be better the second time round I have met my soul mate image

    Congrats to all the other brides in West Yorkshire. x
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    me too mrswater2be, I've met my soulmate too. And it definatley can't be worse than first time round! Are you having a bigger wedding this time?
  • MrsWaters2BMrsWaters2B Posts: 100
    Not bigger, but different. I did the whole church bit last time. This time am getting married at Holdsworth House in Halifax. The reception is there and it will be a more meaningful day. There will be tears of joy flowing. Just have a few things to sort now then I'm done.

    This is the dress I have chosen which is completely different from last time

    Hope the link works. Hope your plans are going well. x
  • nicolac34nicolac34 Posts: 738
    Thanks calicopink we just fell in love with the place as soon as we saw it! Meant we lost £650 on our originally booking but was a price worth paying for getting Rudding Park.

    I'm having Teal as the main colour, but having autumn flowers, so lots of oranges, yellows, green and cream in them. The BM dresses I managed to get from Coast and I've just ordered the invites from Vista Print! Can't wait to get them sent out now!

    It will be August 2011 in a flash, we got engaged on the 1st of November 2009 and I can't believe we have less than 6 months to go now! Must be something about getting older (so my parents say)!!

    n_e_rose - my h2b's uncle and family live in Grassington, it's beautiful up there!

  • Hi n e rose, yes thats my lovely venue image

    We've been up a few times now, I love it!! xx
  • nicolac34nicolac34 Posts: 738
    Wow that's a lot of people in Grassington!! Not surprised you want to stay local!

    My friend is trying to move back up to Yorkshire again, it's so tough waiting for certain jobs to come up before you can do anything. I'm not sure if we'll ever go back up now, I'm trying to convince my parents to move down to Windsor!!

    Has anyone started dress shopping?
  • Wishing4Wishing4 Posts: 312
    Hi n e rose, I'm sure you'll love Yorkshire when you get here! I'm from Glasgow and been living here for 11 years, never regretted moving here for a second, I love it! And the areas around Grassington are beautiful! I live on the outskirts of Leeds, towards Wakefield, but we do go up to North Yorks when we get the chance.

    We have tried a few walks in the area, but then usually end up finding a nice pub and stopping, The Red Lion in Burnsall for one! The last time we went walking, I fell in the mud (we took a wrong turning and ended up in the wrong field!. The mud was so soft I couldn't get up, boyfriend just stood laughing a me and said I looked like an "upturned turtle"! We haven't been walking since...

    Sorry off topic I know!

    Good luck with your venue search, and if you go to Skipton, go into Whittakers Choclatiers next to The Red Lion (yes there's one on Skipton too!), I love it in there!

    And all you lucky ladies getting married in Yorkshire, there are some beautiful places, congratulations to all! x
  • Hi n e rose,

    If you are looking in skipton there is also the rendezvous hotel, and the coniston hotel, there are other smaller hotels in skipton that also do weddings.

    I wanted to go look at yorebridge but h2b said it was too far away for guests.

    There is also east riddlesden hall if thats not too far away for you?

    At my venue they hire it out for the whole weekend and you have to meet a minimum spend which includes room bookings, I'm not sure how it would work if you are not staying over? (just with you mentioning about one of the auntie's having a pub to stay in)

  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Just had a look at your dress mrswaters2b, its beautiful! And a similar style to one that I've fallen in love with too!

    I've ben engaged since April 2008, but I didn't want to start planning until I knew we had saved up at least half of the money we'd need. My H2B's house has just gone on the market now too, so I'm hoping that it sells quickly so that we can use some of that money too as he should make a decent profit on it.

    Yeah, I've started my dress shopping. Only been to one shop so far and have falling in love with a dress, Venus Woman 8616. Totally different to anything I'd liked before! I've just joined the gym though, had my first day today, as I'm waning to lose 2 or 3 stone, so I've put the dress shopping on hold til August.
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    and OMG mrswaters2b, ive just found it on the site that you've ordered your dress from and its only $478!!! Have you ordered your dress yet? If so, what are the p&p costs?
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    I'll definatley consider buying my dress from that site then. Theres a dressmaker in the village where I live and she said she charges between £40 and £80 for wedding dress alterations, depending on what needs doing. So even wih the shipping and alteration costs, it would be about £260 cheaper then in the shop. And the alterations in the shop are £60-120!
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    heya ladies im a fellow yorky bride! getting married in september in morley and having reception at holiday inn leeds/bradford later, love the venue! very leafy and old style hotel. Cant wait its really creeping up on us! only 4 months left. i have mostly everything sorted tho i think xx
  • Wishing4Wishing4 Posts: 312
    Hi Calicopink and n e rose, sorry to but in, but I've just been reading your posts above about ordering your dresses online. You might know this already, but I know there is another thread on here somewhere (god knows where!) but I do remember reading something about ladies ordering dresses online from USA, the cheaper prices are great but then get stung for duty charges when it gets into the UK. One post says this can amount to about a third of the cost of the item. One way round it apparently, is if the sender marks the item as a "gift" which isn't liable to import charges.

    Sorry if you know this already and I hope you both find your perfect dresses x
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi futuremrsrich, your having your reception at the same place that I am! Which room are you having it in?

    Wishing4, I work for HMRC so I know all about excess duty charges etc (unfortunatley!) Like you say though, you just get it sent over as a gift!
  • Wishing4Wishing4 Posts: 312
    Thanks Calicopink, it's good to hear someone from HMRC confirming that! I've only ever ordered craft materials from abroad and never had any probs, but my sis ordered a pair of UGG boots from Australia and wasn't aware of customs rules, the company didn't tell her and they also didn't label the box, so it was opened by customs, then she had to pay £18 duty before they would release the boots. She paid, they released the boots to Royal Mail for posting (without a tracking number), the boots were then lost in the post! She never got her boots and lost her money.

    I know it's not a wedding dress, but that would make me wary of odering from abroad. Having said that, I've seen my dream dress on a USA website, so when I come to get my dress, who knows what I'll do! x
  • MrsWaters2BMrsWaters2B Posts: 100

    RE: Hey Mrswaters2B

    Did you order your dress from that website? its just some of the dresses i have seen are so much cheapper on that website,

    if you did how much was the shipping?

    thank you for your help, x

    No I bought it from a bridal shop in Halifax. Never thought to try online was worried incase it wasn't right x
  • MrsWaters2BMrsWaters2B Posts: 100
    calicopink and n_e_rose

    Sorry but didn't order it online. I couldn't find another link for my dress. Thank you for the comments though. $480 gutted mine has cost me (£1150) which was well over budget. Now wishing I had the guts to buy online. x
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Hi just seen this thread. I'm getting married at Chevin country Park hotel in April 2011. Got dress, booked honeymoon but that's about it for now! image
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    you sound about as organised as me mrsjones2b2011 image

    You've chosen a lovely venue. I've never been there myself but I've driven past it quite a few times and alwys think it looks lovely. What date are you getting married?
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    9th April 2011, there is someone else on this thread getting married there in April too!

    Thanks, venue was the only thing we decided on straight away just annoying as couldn't get date we wanted but fell in love with venue so changed our date!

    My plan is to do one thing at a time. I'm a teacher so am planning on making my invitations over the next 5 weeks!
  • lindaatno9lindaatno9 Posts: 924
    Mrs Jones 2B Chevin Country Park hotel is wonderful!! I treated hubby to his 40th birthday there last year. We had the honeymoon suite. The food was totally amazing too. Just wondering if you are having Leafy Couture do your flowers. Think they coul be the resident florist there? xx
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    I've not looked into flowers yet. Have you heard any reccommendations about them?

    Where are you getting married?
  • i get married next saturday 14th august 2010 and my colours are Hot Pink and Black also! Get married at bagden hall and the reception and night do is also at bagden hall, we are having a hog roast and falconry display in th evening! image

    edit: just realised already posted in this and cant delete
  • lindaatno9lindaatno9 Posts: 924
    Hi Mrs J 2B. Not getting married myself, dressmaker so tend to trawl the wedding fairs. Leafy couture are great, as is Ivy Florist Pudsey and Jill Springall. Jill works from home and does amazing flowers and tends to be booked pretty quickly.

    Sofia at Ivy florist again, amazing flowers. I've had a few brides have her flowers and received several bouquets from her.

    Leafy couture have to be pretty impressive I say to get a hotel contract and work alonside Box Tree Ilkley.

    Cake makers. Personal Ice Cavendish court Keighley- yes, tasted and seen these cakes, Fabulous.

    Anything else, happy to share. x
  • lindaatno9lindaatno9 Posts: 924
    ooo TillyTots, just notices, you are getting married TODAY!!!! all the best. Nice weather it seems. xx
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