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Any brides from West Yorkshire?



  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Thanks lindaatno9 have looked at those websites and saved them to my favourites. Struggling to get bridesmaid dresses so can't get flowers until I definitely have the colour scheme chosen!
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in the leeds area? Don't know where to start as my hairdresser doesn't do weddings.
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    whereabouts in Leeds are you? I live in Bradford but my hairdresser does weddings and she will travel to you for weddings.
  • emmiemacemmiemac Posts: 113
    Hi fellow west yorkshire brides.....

    From hudderfield but getting married in New York on september 2nd 2011, everyone keeps telling me it'll fly by but it feels ages away!
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi emmiemac. Whereabouts in Huddersfield are you from? My OH is from there.
  • emmiemacemmiemac Posts: 113
    We live in Golcar Calicopink....from newcastle originally but met H2B whilst travelling in Oz and he's from Huddersfield so when we came back moved down here.
  • BeckycakesBeckycakes Posts: 270
    Hi guys!

    I got married last weekend in Leicestershire but some of my suppliers were in W Yorks so thought I'd share my recommendations!

    For bridal dresses, bridesmaid, and bespoke MOB outfits try Perfect Daze in Scissett Huddersfield. Emma who runs this shop was sooo helpful for my wedding and I know lots more people who have also got their dresses and/or mob outfits from here.

    For jewellery try EMG Designs in Huddersfield. Marion has a website with her jewellery on or you can visit her and she will make you bespoke jewellery for a reasonable price. She made all my jewellery, and hair accessories and necklaces for my bridesmaids. Everyone loved my jewellery (including my husband who usually wouldn't notice this!!) and my hairdressers took the company details as they loved the hair accessories. Website is

    Good luck!!
  • Hi,

    Im from Rastrick in West Yorkshire, which is between Halifax and Huddersfield. We are getting married at the Hey Green Hotel in Marsden October 15th 2010.

    We went to provisionally book the registrar on Friday - which made H2B VERY nervous, 'cos its all real now!' i got really giddy and excited though!

    We looked at lots of your venues - they are all beautiful!

  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    My OH was from Kirkheaton emmiemac, but hes just recently moved into my house with me and my son in Bradford.

    I can't believe your getting married in New York, that sounds amazing!

    Hi mrsdavis2be! Not long to go now for you is there?!
  • I'm so dizzy sometimes - I put the wrong bloody year! I ment 2011!! x
  • Though I wish it was this year! I can't wait!x
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    lol!!! I keep telling people we're getting married in 2010 too! If that was the case I would be getting married in 2 days!

    I know Marsden well, my OH's family used to won it or something (I tend to glaze over a bit when he tries to tell me about it!)
  • sazbobsazbob Posts: 26
    Hi Ladies

    Getting married on the 14th May 2011 at Waterton Park Hotel. Fell in love with it as soon as we saw it image

    Chose my dress in February, it was the first one I tried on.

    Now having a nightmare over the guest list image

    Loving the West Yorkshire weddings post
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi sazbob! What a beautiful venue you have chosen! Whereabouts in est Yorkshire are you from?
  • delladeandelladean Posts: 145
    Hi girls sorry to crash in on your thread! I got married last year and am soo jealous that you are all still to have the best day ever!! Im from Rawdon and got married last August at Rudding Park- amazing venue that i cant recommend enough. Just thought I would post suppliers/people that I had a good experience with when using them for our wedding just in case anyone is struggling with any area...

    We used Olivia Brabbs as photographer- wonderful, so easy to chat to, listens exactly to what you want and just blended into the background- half the guests didnt know she was there till a whole group shot! Does docu style and the album is fab!

    Patisserie Vienoisse in Otley made our cake- fantastic and yummy. We didnt want a traditional one so went with chocolate truffle on the bottom tier, carrot cake as second and a victoria sponge on top- image

    Angelic Creations made the invitations, table plan, order of service etc... based down south but dealt with everything over email and everything she made was so beautiful

    There are so many more but if I put them all on you may fall asleep and the post will be about 4 pages long!!! If anyone wants to pick my brains please do, its such an exciting time but can be so confusing when there is so much choice.

    Have fun planning!!

  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Thanks for the recommendations delladean!
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Calicopink - I'm getting married in Otley. Which hairdresser are you using? Do you know prices yet?
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi, I'm using my own hairdresser as she also does wedding hair, and as I've been going to her for about 7 years now I feel totally comfortable with her. I've not asked about prices yet, but I have an appointment at the end of September so I am going to ask her then. As at my last appointment she asked me to start thinking about what styles I would like etc, because obviously the more complicated the hairstyle, the more expensive it will be!
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    I've just started looking into Chair covers? Are people having these? If so which companies are you going with? I've found one which is £2.50 per chair including set up.
  • I thought ihad lost this thread! So glad to see so many west Yorkshire brides! Sorry I never replied since April, after the Y&YW forum change I couldn't remember where it was!

    For those that are having the chevin as their venue I've been to a wedding there last year and it was fabulous! I understand they have had a big refurb since then too. I Drive past it everyday to work, good job I did t choose it as I would be popping in every day! Haha.

    1950- I live at the top of bingley in gilstead, can't beleve how many local brides there are on here!

    My hairdresser is in ilkley -Jefferson Buckley and I would recommend them MrsJones2B if thy are in ur area, I deal with gemma who is one of the owners but all the girls are lovely. Had 1 hair trial already and the results were great!

    Hope everyones planning is going well! I shall try and keep an eye in this thread now I've found it again! Xx image
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    I'm getting my chair covers from Le Chic Weddings. They are based in Huddersfield and they charge £2.45 per chair with up to 2 differant coloured sashes on each one, and this includes set-up and collection the day after and a free consultation at your venue where they will show you all the differant ways/styles of bows etc. Oh and they ravel within a 40 mile radius of Huddersfield for free. If anyone wants the contact details let me know!
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Grrrr, double post!
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Hi, Can you PM me the details please? Do you know anyone that has used them before?

    I'm getting married at Chevin Miss Sparrow so that's good to hear. What sort of prices is it for hair at Jefferson Buckley? On quite a tight budget. xxx
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Will do Mrsjones2b2011, not at home at the moment but I will send you them later tonight. I don't know anyone who has used them before as they are a relatively new company. It's a mother and daughter who own the business. The woman I've been dealing with is lovely, the first time I rang I spent nearly half an hour on the phone to her!
  • Hi all, I'm from Huddersfield and getting married in August 2011 at Wood Hall nr linton also West Yorks. I am so excited and just getting the hang of these forums. Is there a way to save your favourite threads like this one btw?

    CalicoPink can you send me the details in a pm too please?

    Thanks xxx
  • Hi All,

    So nice to hear where you're all getting married and plans and things. Black and hot pink is really nice together, went to a wedding fair a few weeks ago and the chair covers they had on display were black with a hot pink sash, they looked lovely!

    I'm a West Yorkshire bride too, Originally from Castleford but now living in Widnes, Cheshire but heading back to West Yorkshire to get married at Walton Hall, Wakefield, 5th Nov 2011. My colour theme is purple and silver and we're having a few traditional things but mainly non traditional

    All I've sorted so far is the venue and I've made my own save the date cards but I've lots of ideas of what I want but keep thinking it's too early to start sorting things yet.

    If anyone has any recommendations for suppliers for anything round this area give me a shout as it's a bit harder trying to find good and reliable suppliers when you're 80 miles away and not lived in the area for 10 years!
  • Lipbalm, you get married 2wks before me at the same venue! Ours is 18th November 2011!!! We are getting married at wentworth church but our reception is at Walton Hall image
  • Hi, I've sent the people who asked the details of the chair cover company I'm using. Its good to see that there are so many of us west yorkshire brides!
  • MrsJones2B2011 I think they are quite expensive mine is £60 but she is travelling and is a top stylist. May be worth ringing up or popping in if you're in the area as they have a tiered price list depending experience.

    Lipbalm im having a purple theme too with hints of silver, i personally think its the best image I may be biased though!!

    I've only got 6 weeks on friday until the big day, can't believe how quickly it has come around eeeek. Hope everyone's planning is going well, anyone who thinks they have loads of time - it really does go SO quickly, never be too organised!

  • Miss Sparrow - I think my problem will be that I won't be organised enough! I keep thinking 'oh, we've got ages yet' so I keep putting things off!
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