Is anyone getting married in Loch Lomond?

Hi, i am getting married at Luss Church and having the reception at Cameron House in Loch Lomond on 26/07/2008. Is anyone else getting married there?:\)


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    Hi Mrs Walshe

    I'm not getting married there but my sil2b got married there and it is absolutely beautiful.

    Not cameron house but the church.

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    Is Luss church the one where the altar is in the middle of the church rather than the end? My cousin got married there - apparently it's quite famous with celeb weddings. He had the reception in the Duck Bay Marina which was lovely too.
  • Yes it is, it is very lovely. I didnt know celebs got married there. My BF friends got married there and they raved about it so we went up to visit and i fell in love with it. Where are you both getting married?
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    I'm getting married at Auchendennen house its the youth hostel opposite Cammeron House! You can see it from the road as to come towards Balloch from luss. Its fantstic up there...I'm just praying the weather isn't to bad at the end of October so we can go outside for photosimage
  • clarksukclarksuk Posts: 1,635

    Yes Kirsty Hume (scottish model) was married in Luss Church

  • Hello! I'm a newbie, but just saw this & had to reply. We got engaged on the banks of Loch Lomond & stayed in the Cameron House hotel that night- FANTASTIC! You're lucky having your reception there!

    We're from Ireland & are planning on going back there to re-live the experience next summer!
  • Hi, have provisionally booked lodge on loch lomond for 11th july 2008. anyone getting married there ir been to a wedding there? Got a week or so to decide.

    Gillian x :\?
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    Hi Gillian

    Yes i have been to a wedding there and it was fantastic. Food was delicious.

    My sil2b is also the bride on their wedding adverts.

  • Good to hear thanx! All booked now so can finally start planning all the fun bits! You're sil2b was stunning - hope I look half as good on the big day!

    Gillian x
  • Hi Gillian242

    I am also having my reception at Lodge on the Loch on 17th July 2008. How lovely is it!!! I'm so excited!

    are u having your ceremony there or just reception?
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    Hello i am getting married at the winnock hotel not far from loch lomond any one been to one there??????????
  • Hey thevicarscat

    I know - I love it! Spoken to a few people since booking it who say they've been to weddings there and that it was fantastic - especially the food! Not getting married in hotel & Luss church only got a 12pm & 4pm slots free so reckon we're gonna get married at a church in Glasgow and then bus everyone up.

    Is it Lynsey or Kirsty you're dealing with? Only negative is the bedroom situation. Don't want to end up paying for many of them if not a lot of guests want to stay over. You having the same problem?

    Gillian ximage
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    I really wanted my wedding at Luss Church and reception at Lodge on Loch but church was £650 to hire and I felt that at £80 a head the Lodge on Loch was just too overpriced for what you got in the package. Plus the fact that you need to get people to take 17 rooms at £180 a room or you have to pay the extra for the rooms that arnt taken. As we only live 20 minutes up the road I didn't think that many people would go for it.

    But it is stunning and if it wasn't for the money I think I would have booked it.

    Lucky ladies image
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    wahey, i'm getting married in Cameron house! but not until next August. Let me know how it goes! Which suite have you got?
  • Hi Susu88

    I dont no which suite we have. Have you already sorted this, i thought i was organised lol. I cant believe it is less than a year, it is going so fast.
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    Hey Mrswalshe2b, we are getting the Lomond suite. Can't wait. Am coming back home in September to finalise a few more details. Actually come to think of it i think the Lomond suite is the one they use for weddings. Nice thing is that they only book one wedding at a time..phew..makes it that much nicer. When you getting married? our date is for the 7th, can't wait!

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    Hey, I'm also getting married in Cameron House! 6th June 2009, can't wait! Is such a lovely venue, can't wait to see it once the refurb is finished as well. susu88, yup, lomond suite is the one they use for weddings, but how good did those bridal suites look as well?!!

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    hey vivski, it's amazing isn't it? and i bet it will look even more fantastic after it's been all renovated. OOh have you been for a tasting yet? we went at the beginning of September and i have to say the food was absolutely delicious! and i'm not so generous or kind about grading my food as that! The chef and his sous chef came out to talk to us as well to make sure everthing was fine. It's great to know they really are passionate about what they do and that they want to ensure you have the right menu. I still dream about the rissoto they made for us..mmmm yummy.
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    oooooh, menu tasting - yum! Not been yet, I guess we will go around this time next year as the wedding's not till 09. Tho after your description I want to go now! are you having the wedding ceremony in CH as well? We were planning to but now looking at Luss church as well..... suddenly decided I wanted a church wedding after all!
  • claireb2b - I live 10mins away from the winnock, im planning to get married there next year, it's a lovely hotel.
  • I'm getting married in Loch Lomond on 8th August 2008 but I'm getting married in Bonhill Church and my reception is in the Cruin. I would have loved to have the Lodge on the Loch but unfortunately they were booked on my date image and as I'd already told everyone and booked the church it was easier just to choose another reception venue.

    You ladies are so lucky it is such a beautiful hotel and fingers crossed if it's a nice day you can have your drinks rception on the beach ahhh bliss.

    Gillian 242 have you tried to see if any of the other churches in the area are available? I only have the number for the Bonhill Church office: 01389 756516. Reverend Miller is a hoot and modern in his thinking. They weren't too expensive either.
  • Quoted:
    Hello i am getting married at the winnock hotel not far from loch lomond any one been to one there??????????

    I am seriously considering checking this venue out.

    Can you tell me what its like? It looks really nice!
  • Hi I have been to quite a few parties in the The Winnock and it's really nice, ( i live close too it) i have the wedding brochure and i think this is where we are going to get married next year.
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    Hi, i am getting married in Luss church and my reception is being held in Lodge on the Loch - both are beautiful and i can't wait! The original cost of my wedding trippled though but i am hoping it is all worth it! :\)
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    I'm hoping to get married at Ross Priory or Cameron House Hotel.

    Haven't decided which one yet!

    Any recommendations?
  • We were slightly considering the Lodge on the Loche for our reception. h2b's parents are in northern England, but his grandparents were in Scotland, and he loves the loches. So, we're either getting married in his hometown church, or we're getting married in Scotland, but Scotland would almost be a destination-type wedding, as nearly everyone would have to travel.
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    Mia09, I would whole heartedly recommend getting married in Cameron House. But then I guess I am pretty biased towards it. I haven't heared about Ross Priory. Where is it? It's great hearing about all the places one can get married by Loch Lomond. It's strange that I have never heard of some of them since I grew up in the town next to Loch Lomond. Ah well, I guess there is some truth in the saying that you don't always look around your own back yard eh?
  • Hi

    We're getting married at the Lodge on Loch on the 12th July 2008, can't wait!! The views are amazing and our photographer has done a lot of weddings there and the photos are amazing!!

    I hope everyone enjoys there weddings

  • Hi,

    I'm getting married at Luss Church and then my reception at Duck Bay Marina 13th June 2009 and I just can't wait have heard some great things about duck bay so hoping they will come true x
  • I've been to 2 weddings at Duck Bay and they have both been lovely.

    The setting is beautiful.

    I'm sure you will have a great day.
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